Baltic Plant in development. Need people!

As the official website of the company, when comparing economic performance in 2012 and 2011 vyyasnyatesya that the backlog of 60 billion rubles to 1,000,000,000; turnover 9,000,000,000 rubles to 1 billion

2012 — the first year in the United Shipbuilding Corporation. The company has attracted new contracts: the latest diesel-electric icebreaker LK-25 icebreaker LK-60. And at the end of 2012 a contract for the completion of the floating power unit (FPU) for the world's first floating nuclear power plant.

Therefore, in this situation, the main issue for the Baltic Plant is human. Now the staff has about 3 thousand people.

To keep to the schedules of current and planned contracts require the plant to 3.8 million people, including more than 1,500 of production workers, ODA (today there are less than 900 people). In 2013, the Baltic Plant will have to recruit about 600 OPD and nearly 200 support workers. * 1,125. htmlOfficial site of Baltic Plant.

And Jobs:


Turner-karuselschik -30-45000 rub.

Moulder-hand molding 30-39000


Turner-borer 30-40 000

Turner-Valovik from 40000

Boilermaker ship 30000

Electric welder manual welding of 30000

The garbage enclosure metal vessels from 40,000

The painter ship 30-45000

The garbage-dostroyschik ship 35-50000

Insulation worker ship 30-40000

Fitter ship from 30000

Rigger ship 260000

Pipeliner ship 24-38000



Electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment 26000

Skilled operator and welding equipment gazarezatelnogo 20-30000

Locksmith for operation and maintenance of gas equipment 20-30000

Repairer-service g / cranes 20-30000


Toolmaker 26-27000

Janitor service and industrial premises 10-20000

Picker products and tools 20000

Fitter electrician 25-40000






Locksmith instrumentation and 25000

Metrology engineer 22 — 27000

Manufacturing Engineer-setter 30-40 000

Process Engineer 1 cat. By blacksmith 30-35000

Process Engineer 1kat. According to the calculations and specifications of welding 25000

Process Engineer 2 category. The heat treatment of metals 35000

Engineer 1 cat (a specialist in the production planning) 25000

Ship builder 30-35000

Deputy chief builder of ships for the production of 67,000

Master Builder (single orders) 47000

Leading economist PES 35000

Bureau Chief PES 50-60000

Accountant and economist 30000

Leading specialist for Standardization 20000

Duty Pass Office 15000

Specialist Office 21-25000

Courtesy Secretary to the Directors for the institution 170000

Secretary 30-40000

Design engineer (shipbuilding) category 1 and 2 35-65000

Process Engineer Category 1 (shipbuilding) 35-50000



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