Bardakovka a small river which flows along the northern town of Surgut. Bardakovka this is not just a river, it is the whole story. The story of young people who have decided to solve the problems in all cities of Russia easier.

There's already more than a year, many have become permanent residents of Surgut its visitors. The basic idea is that anyone can go to the site, to identify the existing problems on the city map, conditional placing a red dot, and to send a statement of the existing problem to the different services. Each application is sure to be heard within 30 days who filed a response will be sent upon request.

Originally, it was a local service that has represented the citizens at the municipal level. To date, a service "Bardakovka" daily act of more than 1,000 applications from all cities of Russia.

Bardakovka — is preparing an information system that allows:

  1. Organizations in a timely and efficiently control the problems of the urban environment.
  2. Coordinate state authorities and local self-government.
  3. Ensures the participation of the inhabitants in the problems of the city (the work of the people's control).
  4. Allows for timely monitoring of urban environmental problems, governments, municipal authorities.
  5. Provides statistical tools for data analysis.
  6. Generates positive public opinion about the work of state and local governments.

The advantage of the service "Bardakovka" before the other portals (Public services RosZhKH, "angry citizen", etc.), that we offer a tool for collecting problems of population and public control over their solution for a variety of state, municipal and non-profit organizations. A special algorithm service allows you to track and discuss the application to all project participants. The introduction and use of the service increases the level of officials of public confidence in the government removes "small" questions of citizens, thereby address important and pressing issues of the city.

In 2011, the project won first place in the competition of social projects, information technology grant from NOKIA SKOLKOVO and schools to further improve the software component.

The "Bardakovka" invested a member of the party "United Russia", Duma deputy city of Surgut Aisin Rinat R..

Bardakovka a completely new solution to urban problems, is reviewed in many regions of Russia. Today the portal "Bardakovka" has the potential portal of the Federal value.

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