Barentsburg — Russian city in Norway

A microcosm of the 400 people on the archipelago is called Barentsburg, easily covered by a single glance, and surprisingly enjoys the attention of tourists. 

Why on Norwegian territory.Prior to 1920 Spitsbergen was nobody, followed by the Treaty of Paris, he placed under the protectorate of Norway. However, member states are free to contract to carry on business here. That is why Russia as a signatory of the contract coal mines here, now — only for the needs of Barentsburg.

Barentsburg — a town of miners. On the territory detached from the world built four-storey house, a sports complex with a swimming pool, a cinema, a museum "Pomorie", cafe, hotel, and even the scientific community Consulate of the Russian FederationThere is a church — built-Chechen carpenter named Issa.

Governor's Reception Room is located in the suburbs and looks like this:

Where people here.In Soviet times, the town was exemplary, as is face-to-face with Norway. To get here to work hard and be profitable.

Barentsburg travel.The town enjoys an unexpected popular with tourists wanting to see the life of the miners on the edge of the earth. However, the most interesting — feel Intourist in the USSR. Money in our settlements did not go ever. Before, there were coupons issued by the trust "Arcticugol" for internal calculations, for now they were replaced by local cards. For real money in the shops do not sell anything — no cards, go to the Exchange bar-restaurant at the hotel. The prices at the local store twice as above Moscow, and the bar is quite all on Spitsbergen level: breakfast-lunch-dinner are respectively 90-130-120 crowns, the Russian beer — 30 crowns. RR is not accepted.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that Barentsburg — a town with a great future. Given the rise of the struggle for the Arctic Russia does not intend to abandon the extremely Strategically located here town. Therefore, coal mining and tourism are being focused.

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