Barnaul SAS has received approval to issue a mounting series of new hopper cars

Barnaul Car Repair Plant has received the certificate of conformity number SSFZhT RU.TSV02.A.10174 to manufacture a mounting series of 5,000 hopper cars model 19-9550.

Certificate of Conformity

The culmination of many months of painstaking and hard work of the staff of the plant to prepare for production of the new model of hopper cars for grain was to obtain a certificate of conformity for the Register of the federal railways.

Certificate of Conformity number SSFZhT RU.TSV02.A.10174entitles "Barnaul SAS" on the series production of the installation of 5,000 hopper cars model 12-9550 during the period of validity of the certificate until August 2016.

With the new product will allow our company to enhance its own competitiveness and expand into new markets for rolling stock.
Congratulations to all the employees of "Barnaul SAS" on this important event in the life of the native plant!

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