Bashar Assad: ‘Only a victory, I have no other choice

Syrian President gave an interview with state television channel "Al-Ihbariya"

The rebels say they control much of the country, but the government forces are pursuing them in almost all areas, said Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "There is no front line or trench warfare was not such a case, the army tried to enter into any area and could not do it," — said the head of state.

He explained that at the beginning of the conflict, the Syrian military squeezed militants from villages within a few hours, but then they have appeared in other places, which also had to be cut loose from the terrorists. Now, according to the Syrian leader's armed forces focused on destroying the gangs. "We do not release the territory and destroy the terrorists, just as in the liberation of the territory without the elimination of militants does not make sense" — said Bashar al-Assad. 

In an interview the president gave on the occasion of Independence Day of Syria, he firmly warned: "Our situation is reminiscent of that which appeared in the West in Afghanistan when he financed" Al-Qaeda "at the time of its inception, and then brutally paid for it. Today, the Western States help to extremists in Syria, Libya and other places, and then the time comes to pay in the heart of Europe and the United States. "

Commentators in this connection that the rebel group "Dzhabhat al-Nusra" recently publicly acknowledged their subordination "Al-Qaeda".

Assad also said he would not hold on to the seat of president and ready to go by the decision of the people: "Fasting — a tool, but not my goal. Presidency — not a problem, as people decide, and will be. " According to him, only the people should decide the future polity of Syria — whether it is presidential or parliamentary government. The president added that the defeat of his government in the conflict would be disastrous, "Just win, I have no other choice. Otherwise, it will be the end of Syria, and I do not think that the Syrian people will take this option. "

On the occasion of military units have been teaching and celebrations. Unit commanders in their speeches noted that on the way to independence killed many heroes, and the blood was poured every inch of the sacred soil of the homeland. The military, according to news reports, "took an oath to the people and to President Bashar al-Assad, that they continue to fulfill their patriotic duty" and to prosecute members of the terrorist groups in order to restore security and stability throughout the country.

Meanwhile, the EU authorities are considering their cooperation with anti-government forces: April 22, decided to relax the conditions of the ban on the purchase of Syrian oil from the rebels. In particular, Brussels will allow its companies to purchase raw materials from opponents of Bashar al-Assad and the opposition to sell the equipment and invest in the oil industry. Cooperation with supporters of the president will still be prohibited, the European Union imposed an embargo on Syrian oil in September 2011, were also banned the supply of equipment for the oil industry and trade of the Syrian government bonds.

The rebels began to seize the oil fields in the oil and gas region of Deir ez-Zor in the second half of 2012. They even managed to gain control of one of the largest fields in the country, but the next day the army repelled him. Anti-government forces is not yet possible to make a profit through the sale of raw materials and petroleum products: the refineries of the country are still under the control of the state, in addition, the rebels are not enough qualified workers able to work in the fields.

Britain also try to break the EU embargo on arms shipments to Syria to send weapons to anti-government groups, said British Foreign Secretary William Hague. The intentions of London and Paris support.

The move would be a violation of international law, it is able to create an unprecedented situation, former head of the intelligence service of the Main Directorate of External Security of France, an expert on Syria Allen Shue. "In the case of Syria we are armed unrepresentative and not recognized by anyone except ourselves, the group — he said. — The United Nations has recognized the opposition, and, in the meantime, what kind of opposition we are talking about? It is quite heterogeneous and fragmented — inside the military component of the militia jihadists have priority over others. "

The expert pointed out that "we have(EU — ed.)no mandate from the UN or anyone else, no legal legitimacy to overthrow President Assad is, whatever its flaws. " According to him, the Syrians themselves, rather than French or English, should resolve this issue. "Providing military assistance to foreigners, eager to overthrow the government, even if international institutions are opposed, leads to a new and dangerous form of violation of international law", — said the former intelligence officer.

In Istanbul on April 20 a meeting of the so-called "Friends of Syria". It is expected that it will be attended by representatives of 11 countries: the United States, Turkey, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Already announced that arrive in Istanbul, U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Moscow hopes that the forthcoming meeting of the "Friends of Syria" the parties can start a dialogue, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. He hopes that "the reason will prevail, pragmatism will prevail basic interests of the Syrian people. Some participants, key participants in the format of "Group of Friends of Syria" assured me that they will look for ways to ensure that try to establish a dialogue. I very much hope that this will be done, and secondly, that it will be successful. " The minister said that Moscow is not engaged in regime change in Syria and the legitimization of such attempts.

Lavrov has once again defined the position of Moscow, according to which the change of regime in Syria is not acceptable as a condition for dialogue. According to the minister, it is absolutely unrealistic, and the cost of such an approach will be all the new life of the Syrians.

According to media reports

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