Battalion tactical exercises in the Arctic Marine

Coordination of forces

For many ordinary people the term "terrorism" is associated primarily with the southern countries, "hot spots", areas of local conflicts, but certainly not from the far north of Russia. However, it is obvious that today terrorism has become a real threat to the lives and safety of people living in different parts of the Earth. This is a dangerous and difficult to predict the phenomenon of our time is becoming more and more sophisticated forms, and rampant, it is geographically unpredictable.
No one knows where the next terrorist activity may be enhanced, so in any region of the Russian security forces must be prepared to repel attackers.

The organizers of anti-terrorism exercise of power structures of the Murmansk region have taken note of the fact that in the Arctic there are many nuclear and radiation facilities, a large number of military units and enterprises are stored explosives and weapons. Any of sensitive sites may fall under the scope of terrorists, so it is very important to prevent the penetration of these suspicious persons, and in the case of their appearance quickly defused.
It is important to note that along with the lives and destruction of terrorist attacks may lead to severe psychological injury to persons whose effects are difficult to cure. To avoid all this, in accordance with the presidential decree of February 15, 2006 № 116 "On measures to combat terrorism" in each region was set up operational headquarters, whose main task was to prepare the forces and means to combat this evil system. In the Murmansk region unit operations staff headed by Colonel Alexander Metelkov.

— The potential threat of a terrorist attack is always there, so every three months in different regions and cities of Murmansk region we conduct anti-terrorism exercises in which deploy the representatives of all the power structures of the Murmansk region, heads of regional and local authorities, — said Alexander told "Red Star" after the live firing exercises of the Luostari.

Stop the terrorists

This time the exercises were held in the Pechenga district of the Murmansk region in stages. They were attended by the operational headquarters of the Murmansk Region, Office of the Federal Security Service in the Murmansk Region and the Northern Fleet, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Murmansk region, a division of the Federal Security Service of Russia and the forces of the Northern Fleet.

The main purpose of the coordinated action of the security forces has been the suppression of terrorist attack on a military facility. According to legend, the teachings of aggressive-minded individuals committed to the Pechenga several terrorist attacks: an attack on the village administration officer Pechenga, undermining the railroad tracks, bookmark explosive device in a local school.

Right there on the Pechengski garrison was introduced legal regime of counter-terrorism operations. Employees of special purpose units of the FSB Border Russia in the Murmansk region had priority measures, surveying the scene. They found that in the Pechenga garrison at the same time were several groups of bandits, and set their location.

The next day, hiding from persecution, terrorists took hostages from among the medical staff and patients of a military hospital and headed towards the border with Norway. In the base area of motorized infantry brigade of the Northern Fleet, commanded by Colonel Oleg Tsekov, they fired on the checkpoint and continued moving towards the border. Complex mountainous terrain and incredibly large snow were a serious obstacle to criminals.

At that time it was already known that the bandits about 30 people and they all tend to leave the country. The head of the operational headquarters of the FSB chief of Russia in the Murmansk region, Colonel Oleg Gerasin set the task to stop the movement of saboteurs. Division air assault battalion of marines and special forces of the FSB Border Russia in the Murmansk region modeled the situation so as to make the militants in the conditional corridor, and then lock them in the hills.

The battle of Luostari

  • Anti-terror in the Far North
  • Anti-terror in the Far North

Ended counter-terrorist operation in the military range near the village Luostari training combat, the progress of which was able to observe the correspondent of "Red Star".

In the 35-degree weather on a small bridgehead tundra was assembled an impressive firepower. From the roar of tanks and artillery pieces and then shook the earth. In the air is rising clouds of thick smoke. As soon as it cleared, both on a gang of hit MLRS "Grad". Rockets went right on target, at a distance of several kilometers.

Then moved to the front line teams combined detachment of Marines and units of the Northern Fleet, who have met the enemy fire self-propelled guns 2S3 "Acacia", T-72 tanks and mortars, "tray". From all sides were heard the crackling of machine guns and machine-gun fire.

— In the teaching of the destruction of the terrorists involved artillerymen, tankers, infantry and military engineer units — said Senior Assistant Chief of Staff Operations Branch separate motorized rifle brigade lieutenant Andrey Zotov — most of them are on the call.

Many of the soldiers who participated in the study in a few months to be dismissal from the armed forces. Over the years spent in the army, they not only got stronger and matured, but in a different view on life.

— To us now comes the call to serve the so-called Pepsi Generation: guys who are used to spend more time at the computer than at the gym — bitterly remarked Lieutenant Zotov. — Among the current recruits some guys who played sports to life, but the passion for computer games almost across-the. Many conscripts perceive the world in a virtual dimension, but real life for them begins here, in the army.

Observation unit commanders in the dynamics of training and combat operations quickly drawn into the military, who had been trained in the training centers of the Ministry of Defense, or the high-school graduates DOSAAF. The rest of the recruits learn the curriculum is difficult, but commanders are doing everything possible to become soldiers and military experts left in stock with solid knowledge and skills in their military specialty. As recent command post exercise, they succeed.

Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade commander of the Northern Fleet, Colonel Tsekov after the exercise said that the brigade is well organized soldiers getting practical skills. On average, 90 percent of combat training takes place in the field, despite the deployment of military units in the Far North. Although the Arctic Circle severe weather, the soldiers do not have to be cold, because landfills are equipped with heating points, fighters get hot tea and extra rations.

— To date, there are no obstacles for military training — equipment is serviceable, fuel and ammunition enough, so at the sites, we are always hard at work, — said Oleg Musovich. — The team is equipped with everything you need for combat training and daily activities. Our task — just planning to engage in combat training, to hone military skills, to achieve better performance.

School manhood

After a few hours of battle conditional sub
versive and terrorist group was completely destroyed. When the battle ended with the shooting and the smoke cleared, I was able to talk to the soldiers on the call. By burning the eyes of young people, noticeably tired and excited, it was evident that the impressions they received in full.

Ordinary communicate freely and candidly answered questions.

— This is better than any reality show — said a senior operator antitank guided missile launcher Corporal Alexander Klenin. — First time I participate in the exercise of this magnitude, so happy that we did not panic, focused attention and hit all the targets.
Countryman and friend of Alexander gunner Andrew Savtsov recognized that the most difficult was the first month of service, very homesick and had difficulty getting used to the army discipline. But then became involved, and time is fast running. Now Andrew understands that the service at the call of nothing complicated, the main thing — to be industrious and executive.

Private operator Arseny Beloychuk says to call the Armed Forces living aimlessly and did not know what he wants. Now, however, he developed a clear direction: a positive response to return home to recover Naginskaya Commerce and Economics College, complete the training and the specialty, to find a promising job. As noted by Arseny, military service has taught him to be focused and attentive. A major achievement, he considers education a volitional qualities.

— I've learned to overcome your own laziness, not doing what you want and what you need — honestly said Arseny. — Now I know what an ignoramus be unprofitable.

All three men are called from the Moscow region in the spring of 2012. By the conditions of the Far North are accustomed to fast, but lives according to the ordinance was given to them is not easy. Overcome the difficulties of the period of adjustment and learning to live without the usual gadgets and strictly routine, young people gather in the service, positively proven themselves and are now in good standing with the command.

Now they speak ironically about the craze of youth computer "battles" online on the virtual tanks. As noted by conscripts, many young men do not even know how excited you experience the feeling of reality, when you sit at the controls of this military equipment weighing 50 tons and is controlled by the tank.

— This is for you guys, not toys — noticed the soldiers, referring to those who have yet to serve in the army. — It's for real, do not have to be bored. And on the "citizen" will be pleased to remember how we were taught to fight.

Safety is assured

After completion of the exercise assessment of the actions of NF-warriors gave the chief coastal forces of the Northern Fleet Hero of Russia, Major General Andrew Guscin, who led the group of forces and means of the SF. As he pointed out, a division of infantry brigade this year for the first time participated in the company commander live-fire exercises and successfully coped with the task. Fired mostly conscripts, which will end in a few months military service.

The exercise involved more than 300 personnel and 30 units of wheeled and tracked vehicles. Motorized infantry and tank units, units of rocket launchers and self-propelled artillery batteries in rugged mountainous terrain in the cold actually showed soldiers have learned over the year. At the same safety requirements have been met the personnel, which allowed the free exercise of injuries and accidents.

Significant difficulties in the implementation of training and combat tasks made an unprecedented snow cover, which continues to grow, though the yard spring. As noted by the command of the brigade, this year the snow fell almost twice as much as usual. This is reflected in the movement of equipment, complicated fire grenade and anti-missile system.

Having overcome all obstacles, a division teams aim destroyed.

When asked about the difficulties encountered in the preparation of personnel, Hero of Russia, said bluntly:

— The complexity of the sailors and soldiers can be only one — human laziness, but also with her for a year of service by experienced commanders can handle.

The next event will be the military training field firing platoons, then held company tactical exercises. Completed winter training test all departments and services coastal forces of the Northern Fleet. Author Olga Vorobyov

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