Baykova lawyer appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office to complain about the omission

Lawyer Michael Volcheck appealed to the Prosecutor General of Belarus to complain about the inaction of the body conducting the criminal proceedings against his client, a senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor General's Svetlana Baykova.

Based on data from listening to the KGB, which figure in the investigation, in his address to the General Prosecutor Michael Volcheck said that the preliminary investigation deliberately did not give legal assessment of the illegal actions of a police officer who was part of the investigation team Baykova, BelaPAN.

Meanwhile, The lawyer said the officer, "the accused zblyakavavshysya Milk PV", used the powers of his office to the detriment of criminal cases that are investigated Baykova.

"As a senior investigator for particularly important cases GUPR MIA, being members of the investigation team Prosecutor Republic of Belarus, the head of which was Baykova SA, he had access to the case file, abuse of power and intentionally divulge details of preliminary investigation German citizen Milk PV "- Said the lawyer.

The appeal to the Prosecutor General Volcheck are excerpts from the minutes of listening to the KGB, which confirmed he believes his findings.

Svetlana Baykova was arrested by the KGB on February 25 2010 on suspicion of abuse of power. Criminal cases were filed against her KGB February 24 on the grounds of crimes under Article 399 (illegal exemption from criminal liability) and 426 (abuse of power or authority) of the Criminal Code.

Paul Milk — the person involved two criminal cases, including "Case Hramovich" (former deputy chief of the KGB in the Brest region). Milk is accused of forming a criminal organization and participation in it. According to the investigation, his group has illegally moved the goods to many millions of dollars through the Belarusian border. The damage caused to the state in lost customs duties exceeded 30 billion rubles.

According to the findings of the preliminary investigation KGB Baykova illegally stopped the search for Milk and was designed to free him from responsibility. According to the decision to prosecute an accused, a senior investigator of the Prosecutor General to "consult, inform, warn, etc." Milk, that he escaped justice. From listening to the same material as the lawyer Volchek, that it was not concerned with it.



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