BDK Nikolai Phylchenkov arrived in Syria

Large landing ship (BDK) Russian Black Sea Fleet, "Nicholas Phylchenkov" arrived in the Syrian port of Latakia on Wednesday and was met by two missile boats, which are traditionally accompanied him to the border of Syrian territorial waters, a spokesman Navy Syria.

"At the meeting of the two countries sailors greeted each other, then the Syrian boat" Khutyn "and" Yarmuk "escorted" Nicholas Filchenkova "along the waters of Latakia," — said the representative of the Navy Syria, reportsRIA "Novosti".

He said the missile boats were directed towards the Russian ship in the welcoming ceremony in accordance with naval traditions.

After the arrival of the ship in the port city residents took to the streets in a spontaneous meeting with the flags of the two countries, portraits of presidents and banners in Russian. The Russian Defense Ministry declined to comment on the subject.

Earlier, sources in the Syrian Navy said BDK "Nikolai Phylchenkov" go down to the port of Latakia, a one-day friendly visit. According to the source, it was planned that the Russian and Syrian sailors hold a friendly football match at the local stadium. 

Recall that the BDK "Nikolai Phylchenkov"includedin the group of ships of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean. In addition to his region are still nine Russian ships, including the guided-missile cruiser "Moskva", whichheadsgrouping.

In addition, until the end of September Russiadecided to sendBDK in the Mediterranean "Yamal". On Wednesday it was reported that large landing ships of the Pacific Fleet "Relight" and "Admiral Nevel" crossed the straits zone Bosphorus and the Dardanellesjoined the permanent connectionRussian Navy in the Mediterranean.

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