Begin hardening!

Budimir blog about the tragic death of workers' Pinskdrev "was a sad occasion for reflecting on the fact that in Belarus, in fact, the people disconnected not only politically, but usually in a human. Belarusians are not able or do not want to share sorrows and grief of their relatives, because they can not and do not want to share their success and happiness. We — the nation of inveterate egotists?

Hock, Logojsk: "Note that after a tragic accident the most talkative figure of modern Belarus mention of an anonymous policy, cited his women with something congratulated the Turkmen leader, sympathized indanezitsam, the UAE Sheikh — and never found the time to visit Pinsk, sympathize with the families of the victims, to help not kickbacks ten millions (monthly earnings Mrs. Yarmoshina), and in — human — and drive clearly responsible for the deaths. "

Nikolay: "Another interesting thing is that this tragedy is almost completely missed the so-called" the opposition. "Why do not you go there the truth-knacker? Where was the man with the face of the BPF locksmith 6th rank? Where was sophisticated metrosexual economist? feared that the trip will accept death as a PR for you, but if afraid of being thrown in with the most difficult a minute, what is this power and this "opposition" to her? "

mikalaj.achyzha, mensk: "And how have responded to the tragedy of the Federation of Trade Unions, which is the mouth of the demagogue with an angry look on his face, always boasts that it has renewed and multiplied union property (marakavats with money these parasites are able). Than they immediately helped the victims who have suffered mentally and physically? Can throw money on the other (who needed it!) booze, which recalls Budimir? Adkupilisya torn bill? On days when the tragedy occurred, the Federation conducted a seminar technical inspectors, who should take care on behalf of the trade unions on safety in the workplace. It is said that those inspectors even bums on pews not torn off, a minute silence to … "

All of the country's utter palityzavalasya. Some visitors to our site have noted that the current procession to Kurapaty on Dziady was, unfortunately, another political rally, which was worth the visit just for the photos and video recordings of independent journalists, not to pray for the souls of the dead. And our editorials procession of steel platforms fist fights between supporters of the electoral boycott and various opposition presidential candidates:

"I was surprised by the article and the comments on the Charter 97, allegedly attacked by Sannikov people with CCP-BPF. Hartsmeny put video — there is no attack, someone just said Sannikov, he pro-Russian candidate."

Vladislav, Minsk: "But really kahapeshniki behaved as sectarians — when the girls came to the column with EvraBel, they began to put pressure better than riot police — patriotism is good, but bigotry and Nazism — is evil. Because theater is well that the Nazis, fascists and other not for Sannikov, I'm sure he entot electorate wanted. "

vlad, boston: "Darech Dziady pakazali attitude toward apazitsyi. Padtsverdila and what evidence of the election of Lukashenko Nadal in the case of vybarau.Bo padtasovanyya voice nihto content of these 500 people will not go apratestouvats ON PLOShChU.Gramadyane Belarus will celebrate Christmas and get ready for the New Year is to razbuhtoryts zabitae society need to be able to talk with Him through the media during the entire period and not the last month before abrannem.Tolki-Boycott. "

NOT CCP BPF: "Lukashenko is still be involved in the" election "or" boycott. "Falsification place as always. Area Because strong need now to prepare, not to call for a boycott, whether the election. Alexander Lukashenko believes that now the candidates in candidate produced tactics: "If I do not win against Lukashenko, let or removed, or leave one or two." "To protect, as they say, his face away from the defeat, it is necessary to act. The first tactic from them, leaving Lukashenko one. For God's sake! It does not bother me, "- said the head of state."

One of the most specific comments about the materials under Dziady we believe Luda voice of Minsk, which gives everyone advice on how to prepare for further developments in the continental climate of the Belarusian-tolerant:

"Here urge to enter the area. But what are you on that area you do? Stiffening in the cold. Therefore start from November 1, tempering their own bodies. Dousing with cold, ruhanki in some panties / swimsuit on the balcony. Houses as well only in shorts / bathing suits and bare feet. Otherwise there will be no space, and zilch! And exercise every day. "

This Luda, quite possibly, formerly known as Inna, as previously we have repeatedly drawn attention to the pretty adnatemnyya posts by Inna, which also recommended that "ruhanki" in panties and shortkah, and often without them as a cure for the Belarusian social and political insanity. Last — here.

Luda / Ina is now receiving from us our virtual beer for the most witty koment. If she does not drink beer, you can use it for cold ablivannya.

It is possible that beer must get Lyuba, which seems to us another ipastassyu Luda / Ina:

Luba, Minsk: "I have a daughter myself i do not abmyazhouvaem in flour i sweet. Known to consume a reasonable size. Fizychnymi But we do exercises, zagartoukami. Especially good fats steal a cold shower, winter swimming i skiing in kupalnikah. But it can only do tempered people . home I i daughter just in shorts. feels cool in the body more energy vydatkouvayuts i steal fats. When a person has a physical load corresponding to the consumed food, then it does not threaten obesity. "

Well, let him be so, the second bottle — Luba.

Whatever it was with this razdvaennem or raztraennem person, two bottles of beer — it's not a problem for such a physical person. Email us on, and barefoot, and socks. Of course, you need to harden.

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