Belarus' gold and foreign exchange reserves fell by $ 157 million

November 1, the international reserve assets of Belarus, calculated by the IMF standards, according to the National Bank amounted to 5 billion 827.8 million dollars. For a month they have decreased by $ 157 million (up 2.6%).

In comparison with the beginning of 2010 gold and foreign exchange reserves (GCR) increased by 175.3 million (3.1%).

In the structure of the gold reserves of reserve assets in foreign currency amounted to 3,064.50 million dollars, znizivshysya October to 407.70 million (11.7%). Since the beginning of the year which increased by 544.60 million (21.6%), BelaPAN.

The main sources of increase in international reserves since the beginning of the year were funds received from the IMF, from the sale of shares in OAO "Beltransgaz" placement Republic of Belarus Eurobonds in the international market, as well as the operations of the National Bank in the domestic market.

In particular, in February, Belarus received $ 625 million for the sale of shares in OAO "Beltransgaz", in March — the IMF loan for $ 670 million. In August, Belarus received $ 1 billion from the placement of the debut issue of Eurobonds.

According to the plans of the National Bank for 2010 Gold reserves to increase by 0.5-1.83 billion, provided the main directions of the monetary and credit policy for the current year.

However, independent experts predict a worsening of gold reserves by the decisions of the government to increase income.

Recall, from November 1 in Belarus flat rate first class increased by 31%, the minimum wage — more than by 54%, pensions — an average of 10%, the size of the living wage and state benefits — by 3.1%.

Increasing salaries will increase demand for imported goods and currency — means that the situation will worsen with the gold and currency reserves, experts explain.


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