Belarus is facing man-made disaster

The Council of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions issued a statement in connection with the explosion at "Pinskdrev."

BCDTU notes that, "Through constant monitoring of production, labor safety on them, we now have every reason to say: Russia is on the threshold of man-made disaster."

As the BelaPAN, the statement stressed that the level of depreciation of fixed assets, equipment on many Belarusian enterprises "has reached a critical point." "Worst of all, many business leaders who are in the grip of the command-administrative system, are forced to neglect the basic conditions of safety" — the document says.

"The loss in production even one person — emergency. Loss of fourteen people — the tragedy of national significance. Any politically and socially responsible government responds to it quickly and efficiently. Reacts administrative, identifying the reasons that caused the violation of safety rules, responding politically, heading immediately to the place of tragedy and mourning. Nothing of Belarus did not wait. For a week, the power to do anything: he sends greetings on the occasion of various anniversaries, inspektavala areas, sports facilities opened in Brest, ironically not far from the scene of the tragedy. On a frozen Pinsk time of grief and sympathy is not enough "- said in a statement.

BCDTU Council expresses its sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims.


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