Belarus wants to raise tariffs for the transit of Russian gas

Belarus expects that in 2012, could significantly increase tariffs for the transit of Russian gas through its territory, said First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko at a meeting of the Council of Ministers in Minsk.

"At This year, transit tariffs are $ 1.88 for next year — $ 2 is already there, a 6% increase, and will continue to argue, "- said Semashko. He noted that "Ukraine is taking $ 2.5 for the transit." "And what are we worse?" — Asked rhetorically Semashko, addressing the members of the government.

First Deputy Prime Minister stated that the loading volume of natural gas through the territory of Belarus in the coming years will not decrease and remain at 42 billion cubic meters.

Semashko also admitted that in the coming years, Belarus has reduced the volume of transit of Russian oil. "The Russians, likely, introduce the BPS-2 from January 1, and the volume of oil transit naturally drop and then stabilize, "- he said.

However, the first deputy prime minister said that in January this year between Moscow and Minsk signed a number of documents stipulating the conditions for the supply of oil to the country and its transit through the territory of Belarus. "Every year tariffs on oil transit revised. However ruble fell against the dollar and will continue to be cheaper," — said Vladimir Semashko. Thus He expressed his disagreement with the development of the state program for development of transit potential of Belarus. According to this document, the revenues from oil transit through the territory of Belarus for 2011-2015 Years will be about $ 200 million a year. The growth of this indicator in the draft program is not provided.



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