Belarus will be at the mercy of the anticyclone

Belarus.  Photo:

August 3, Belarus is determined by the weather eastern edge of the anticyclone centered over Scandinavia. With northerly winds come cool and unstable air mass with the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions. Until the end of the day in some places, mainly in the south-eastern part, will brief rain in some areas and thunderstorms. Wind northeast moderate. The maximum air temperature +17 .. +23 ° C.
In the next day, August 4, the influence of the anticyclone increase. Expected to partly cloudy. In much of the rain, but at night and in the morning hours in the south-eastern regions remain sunny. Wind north temperate. Minimum air temperature at night +7 .. +13 ° C, maximum daytime from +17 ° C to +24 ° to the east from west. Pressure at night will not change, the day will slightly decrease.
August 5 is the whole of Belarus will be at the mercy of the anticyclone, so you would expect cloudy and dry weather. Increased temperature variations between night and day. At night the temperature drops to +5 .. +12 ° C, the air warms up during the day +20 .. +25 ° C.
August 6 retain influence of an anticyclone, and only in the evening to the western borders of the republic suit atmospheric front with Poland, with whom the west of Brest and Grodno regions will be intermittent rain, storms. Southern wind is low to moderate, with gusty thunderstorms. Minimum air temperature at night +6 .. +13 ° C, the maximum day of +21 .. +26 ° C, on the south-west up to +28 ° C.

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