Belarusian activists detained overnight Azerbaijani border

Six activist non-governmental organization "MODES" from Mogilev Azerbaijani border guards denied entry into the country. They are held on the boundary overnight. Oksana Samujlova, Vadim Pagostser, Nicholas Laputin, Christina Sibagatulin, Alexander Gorbachev at the police station the border crossing "Bayuk Cusick." From there, they went back to Tbilisi. From the capital of Georgia, they were sent to Baku to fly to Minsk.

Activists in the international mission gathered to observe parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan on 7 November. In Tbilisi, where they came from Belarus, they learned, that selective accreditation Azerbaijani authorities canceled. Waiting until after the elections, the Belarusian activists, having a plane ticket from Baku Airport, and headed there by train.

"Plane tickets from Baku we have booked in advance. From Georgia, we drove without problems. But on the border with Azerbaijan, we were taken under control. Our passports were immediately postponed. Then came the officers of border services and persistently asked to go after them. We tried them explain the situation — that we do not get stuck in Azerbaijan for a long time, and immediately fly to Belarus. did not work. now we're sitting in the room customs staff. There are five stools, a TV, a portrait of the president and one battery. Behind the door grille. And another blanket on everyone. We were told that at ten o'clock in the morning to train for Tbilisi and we will send it there. Thus, in Baku, we do not get. And our tickets are lost. From Tbilisi will have to buy tickets to Minsk, "said in a telephone conversation Oksana Samujlova.

November 4 at the Baku airport revoked the accreditation of another election activist "MODES" — Tatiana Queen. She also was detained, but soon yet allowed to enter the country. However, it is strictly forbidden to take any action related to the election. In Azerbaijan, she was allowed to remain only as a tourist.

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