Belarusian arms exporter Beltechexport sold to a Russian businessman

The largest exporter of Belarusian arms and military equipment "Beltechexport" confirmed the sale of the enterprise Russian businessman Dmitry Gurinovich, reported the company's website.

"ZAO" Beltechexport "confirms the information about the change of controlling shareholder group of CJSC" Management Company "Belteh Holding", which includes the Company "Beltechexport" — said in a statement.

"The controlling shareholder of the companies was a Russian businessman, a graduate of the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation Dmitri Gurinovitch" — to be confirmed on the website.

It is emphasized that the former owner of "Beltechexport" Vladimir Peftiev "completely terminated its participation in the activities of this group of companies."

"This transaction was carried out in the framework of the integration of Russia and Belarus in the sphere of military-technical cooperation, and indicates an increase in the openness of the two countries, and also gives us confidence that the JSC" Beltechexport "will be released on a fundamentally new position in the global market" — as stated in the message.

At the very richest people of Belarus Vladimir Peftieva and all of its businesses extend EU sanctions. The EU considers it "a person connected with President Lukashenko and his family, chief economic adviser to President Lukashenko and key financial sponsor of the Lukashenko regime."

Businesses Peftieva forbidden to do business throughout the EU. This decision is challenged in court businessman EU

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