Belarusian Flag over Vilnius

Society This photograph I have often printed on the cover of the magazine, and in the books and made sure that Belarusians it is especially pleasant. I think that picture to much, as the image is beautiful. Getae amateur photo was placed on the Web years back without the author (or rather, the author identified the pseudonym "Cornflower"). (For Belarusians it is typical — not to celebrate their work and achievements, they say, and did well. But for the national culture is bad. Creativity must unintelligible).

Photo well done on the composition and correctly through the world. Kantravoe light beautifully padsvechvae flag, which is a lively, fluttering in the wind. Generally in this photo flag is the main color and compositional focus. Very well captured the dynamics of the cloth, winding through the lines. Feeling light, fresh, beautiful and happy.

Beautiful girl as a silhouette that keeps the flag on the outstretched hands, pleasant clean gentle sky, reminiscent of the morning. In the background, at the bottom, a panorama of ancient Vilnius, which is visible in the direction of Dawn. By the way, from the same location and from this point shot Vilnius Ian Bulgac.

But in this picture panorama of Vilnius, unfortunately, can not be read (here improper lighting and time). In general, the picture looks a little flat, despite the large front and a back light. This is a result of poor light modulation background and removing the digital (and amateurish) camera. There are a number of typical amateur technical approaches and shortcomings. But figurative aesthetic and emotional impact of this good photography dominates everything.

Beautifully perceived as symbols of shooting when raised our flag shows our independence over a long and eternal Belarusian capital Vilnius, where, as I said, are our way of life and the historical road.

Someone else's party, like a dream.
As God,
Vilnius in the shower wearing.

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