Belarusian-German dictionary survived two reforms


Nicholas Kuryanko

Yesterday, in the framework of the Belarusian-German meeting "Minsk Forum" presented the Belarusian-German dictionary. It was prepared by Nicholas Kuryanko, Levon Borshevsky and Thomas Weiler and went into publishing Dmitry Kolasa.

Mr. Kuryanko the presentation spoke about the 18-year history of the creation of the dictionary, which has survived two spelling reform — German and whiteRussian languages. Dictionary of this size (70,000 words and phrases) came out for the first time.

Chairman of the "Minsk Forum" Rainer Lindner noted that this book is time for new technologies — such as "vetraruhavik." He expressed the hope that the dictionary will take the state certification and will be used in the public schools of Belarus.

One of the participants of the presentation Nicholas Petrushenka said in his speech:

Nicholas Petrushenka

"Neither the Ministry of Culture, Education and Foreign Affairs nor Minsk city executive committee, no deputy came and said thank the German side, and the author of a great and necessary work. Then this can not be tolerated. A big thank you to the Germans."

The presentation German Ambassador to Belarus Christof Weil, diplomats from other countries, as well as Deputy Foreign Minister of Belarus Valery Voronetsky, who was preparing to speak on the topic of the Belarusian-European integration. He began his speech by saying that the dictionary called "very interesting" and added:

"Belarus has a very bright and original, ancient history, and probably it would be correct with regard to their effect on the development of European policy to devote a plenary meeting next forum stories Republic of Belarus and its influence on European politics. For the participants of this discussion will open a lot of interesting facts about which, unfortunately, we are not talking today, for various reasons, in including due to deformation and distortion of our history, which occurred through no fault of Belarusians ".

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