Belarusians of Moldova to resume operations Sunday School

Belarusian community in Moldova plans to resume on a new basis deynasts Sunday school for teaching children the Belarusian language, literature, history, cultural studies, traditions and customs of their ethnic homeland.

The chairman of the Belarusian society in Moldova Yuri Statkevich. On He said, like Sunday school worked for three years from 2005 to 2008. Led teaching members of the Belarusian community in Moldova, but some of them were not easy to conduct classes due to lack of special education teacher, and because of advanced age.

Now with the advent of the Belarusian society Moldova young, talented teachers decided to resume deynasts Sunday School for Belarusian children, with special emphasis on the training of high school students to enroll in higher education institutions in Belarus. Approach to education will be more serious, in-depth studies of children waiting for whiteRussian language, literature and history. They will take courses on the basis of educational programs derived from Belarus.

In addition, when Sunday school is planned to create a museum of Belarusian culture, where there will be costumes, elements of folklore, books, souvenirs and other items related to the Belarusian culture, writing, history, traditions and customs. All this will provide an opportunity to introduce children to the history and culture of his native land.

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