Belgorod branch ENERGOMASH started the production order for the Iraqi TPP

Under a contract with JSC VO "Tekhnopromexport" enterprise will produce 270 tons of pipeline parts to restore the second and third units of thermal power plant "Hart." Each unit has a capacity of 200 MW.

Thermal power plant "Hart" is located on the shore of the Shatt al-Arab, a 33x km north of the city of Basra and 25ti km from the Iranian border. The station consists of four units of 200 MW each, fueled by natural gas, heavy fuel oil or crude oil. The station is designed, manufactured and built by the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and put into operation in 1979.

During the Gulf War in 1991 were damaged all four units. After the restoration work resumed the fourth and the first unit. The contract for the restoration of "turnkey" the second and third units of TPP was signed by the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq and of VO "Tekhnopromexport" in March 2008. In connection with the hostilities ceased and the construction of the power plant resumed only in 2010.

The duties of "Tekhnopromeksport" includes supply, installation and commissioning of equipment, as well as the launch of the facility. To date, restoration work on the power plant "Hart" entered the final stage.

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