Belgorod Hospital received three neonatal reanimobile

The three specialized vehicle purchased by the fund "Generation". Keys from them today handed founder of Andrei Skoch.

Reanimobiles designed for intensive care units and neonatal intensive care perinatal center Regional Hospital. The department is equipped with the most modern equipment, allowing kids to assist in weight from 500 grams. When the department was created resuscitative Advisory Centre with mobile team. Each year, the center's specialists make up to 280 trips in the area of maternity institutions. Physicians have to be transported to other hospitals, including Moscow, infants, who may have an extremely low body temperature.

Neonatal reanimation is a complete system of life support: the ability to carry out during the movement of respiratory support, oxygen and fluid therapy. The modern incubator, autonomous heating system will comply with the required heat treatment, which is particularly important when transporting premature babies. "Terms of the child's stay in reanimobile in a hospital intensive care unit is no different", — assured the chief doctor at a local hospital, Vladimir Kulikovskii.

After the ceremony, Andrei Skoch car was in the perinatal center and inspected the new equipment installed here. The problem of nursing infants itself Andrey faced in 1994, when he suddenly became the father of five children. According to him, the smallest weighed 634 grams and the largest — a little more than a kilogram. "Then, 17 years ago, this modern equipment was not in Russia," — said the founder of the "Generations".

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