Belgorod region: OEMK doubled the design parameters of steel

We have in the district unusual "city". It has a population of only 11,500 people, but the budget is much larger than that of Stary Oskol. He has his "first aid" and the fire service, sewage treatment and environmental services, railway and bus stops, but no one residential house. Instead, they loom large parallelepipeds industrial and office buildings around which blooms in summer sea of green. Here on the heads of passers-helmets, and the wheels of some vehicles more than a man. Besides the usual utilities here in the pipe stretches 26.5 kilometers long, according to which the "sister city" comes stones. All entrances and exits are strict access control, but guests are greeted with warmth, bread and salt.

The name of this "city" — Oskol Electric Steel Works.



It seems that only recently from around the city and the region, journalists came here to get along with factory workers to take part in the festivities on the new record: the melting of the year three million tons of steel. This figure has now been left far behind: in the last year Combine melted 3,270,800 tons of steel. And yet produced 6,409.3 thousand tons of pellets (crushed lumps of iron ore) and produced 2,872,800 tons of metallurgical products (a thick metal bars). The plant's products find their consumers even during the global financial crisis, the company purchased its pipe, bearing, automotive and hardware industries. Geography of deliveries is huge: in addition to Russian buyers acquire metal companies from Germany, France, USA, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Egypt and other countries. And by the year-end sales figures OEMK reached pre-crisis level.



What are the pros here for starooskoltsev? First, when rising production figures — increasing the wages of workers OEMK, and hence the income of their families, and it is — a considerable number of citizens. In 2011, the average salary was OEMK 31,000 rubles — 74% percent more than the rate of average wages across the Belgorod region. If we compare this figure with the average salary oemkovtsa in 2010, the increase was 11%. And from March 1, 2012 will next increase wages — another 6%.



In the personnel department plant receives daily summaries and statements from those who want to join the ranks oemkovtsev. However, the selection is very strict — the demand is much less than the proposal. After all, the main team already typed and vacancies open or in connection with the release of the metallurgist for retirement, or in the case of expansion. The largest of the recently put into operation objects OEMK — shop decoration products (COTU). This rolling mill 350, passes more accurate processing, resulting in a product with an even higher quality and, therefore, cost. The average age of 480 employees Topa — 30 years. These young boys and girls (96 workers in the shop — the representatives of the fair sex), graduates of universities and colleges of the city and the region.



The main provider of training for the combine — STI NUST MISA. But there are other training institutes — Oskol Polytechnic College, Industrial College Stary Oskol. During the period from 2009 to 2011 were to OEMK practice and training of students in 1216 STI, 421 student DIC, 209 students of SIT. And though not all of them were able to show their talents and to become one of the factory workers, but that they had a chance.

And that was more than a chance to knowledge, skills and, most importantly, the desire to work hard, work with future personnel conducted at school. It all starts with a meeting of representatives of the plant with the students and their parents. Then — tour of the workshops and participated in competitions for high school students by majors STI NUST MISA. When the choice is made SSUZa or university, and interested youth begins his studies, the knowledge he receives under the plan, developed by the leadership of the institution together with experts OEMK. During the training, the student continues to visit the plant, but not as a "tourist", but as part of the working group: Performs all possible job training programs. And if his interest is not lost, and his ability to receive a positive evaluation — it can pass the selection and enter the number of employees.

But this course is not finished. We OEMK has its training center. In 2011, 9,574 employees (2010 — 8350) have been trained at the center. Of these, 6387 attended a course purpose, 1654 — improved their skills, 1533 — have been retrained and given new specialty.

According to experts of the social service enterprise, each ruble invested in the employee brings to the end a much better return than the money spent on new equipment only. A lot invested, last year on the "social" has been allocated more than 630 million rubles, and in 2012 plans to spend more than 680 million rubles. The money will be spent on cash payments (pensioners OEMK parents with children up to three years, large families, people with disabilities work and so on), purchase vouchers spa treatment for OEMK workers and their children, conducting sports and cultural events, as well as the maintenance and development of the social sphere and medicine combine (SHC "Belogorie" recreation "Metallurg", FLC, preventive medical center, health posts, health centers, and more). For each of these areas of social policy, you can write a whole book.



Management Company "Metalloinvest" which structure is OEMK forms the social policies of all its divisions and companies. And only one support staff is not all. By signing the 2011 agreement on social and economic cooperation with the Government of the Belgorod region and the administration of Stary Oskol and Gubkin districts, holding immediately allocated about 200 million rubles for its implementation. This year, the amount increased to 282 million rubles. Of this money, 67 million rubles will be allocated for the construction of a museum in the village of metallurgy Yutanovka (exhibits of the exhibition will be the foundation of the State Polytechnic Museum in Moscow), 30 million rubles — for the repair and renovation of kindergartens and schools (Works took over the patronage of the 40 schools and 30 kindergartens of the city), 50 million — for the continued construction of the new building STI NUST MISA (last year it was awarded $ 40 million) and 15 million rubles — for charity.

But that&
#39;s only part of all social programs. The total amount allocated "Metalloinvest" for the implementation of social policy in our area — one and a half billion. Billions of rubles is measured and the amount of tax deductions holding the budgets of all levels. Thus, of the 58 billion rubles received last year in the budget of the Belgorod region, 14 billion rubles (nearly 25%) — deductions from companies within the framework of "Metalloinvest". For example, in 2011 OEMK transferred to the budget of three billion 116 million rubles to the city budget — 404 million rubles.

It's no secret that the more complex production issues, the higher the quality of the steel — the more money will go to the improvement of working conditions, an increase in wages and other monetary benefits. Grow up and social investment in Stary Oskol. And the number of jobs will increase. Therefore the annual update of the production is good. In the past, in 2011, to finance the investment program was aimed OEMK 2.168 billion rubles for the purchase of equipment leasing (a kind of financial services associated with lending) — 55 million rubles. This year, the amount will increase to 2,374 million rubles. The reconstruction program is designed to 2015, and as a result of its performance level of steel production will rise to 3.85 million tons per year.

In addition to improving performance and set objectives to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Only within the framework of environmental enterprises in 2011 had developed more than 364 million rubles, which is four times higher than in 2010! There are good results — through the implementation of a set of measures for the protection of the actual level of air emissions of harmful substances into the environment in 2011 was 38.2% lower than the allowed.


At present, the continuing modernization of gas cleaning OEMK four electric arc furnaces and construction of a new water recycling loop circuit in the electric shop. In the first case we are talking about reducing the amount of dust and harmful substances in the exhaust gases, the second — on the avoidance of intake and discharge of water by increasing production volumes. That is, the commissioning of new facilities (each system will work alternately, beginning in November-December 2012 to January 2014) will allow even more to reduce all the indicators on the effects on the environment. The implementation of these two projects in 2011 was sent to more than 740 million rubles. And this year, funding will continue. And many more millions will be spent on upgrading sewage treatment plants — Design and construction documents for this property has already passed the examination.

PS: Once for the construction of mining and metallurgical giants in Stary Oskol gathered people from all over the Soviet Union. Most of them have remained in our city, increasing its population tripled. Now they are growing grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and the children work on OEMK and subsidiaries steel giant. Oskolskaya land supply him with their wealth, and the plant supports the economy of the city, drawing on their shoulders out of any crisis. Our city is as closely associated with the Works, as well as complex — with the city. And the bigger and stronger is the link — the more powerful and more beautiful will OEMK and Stary Oskol.

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