Belgorod region: results and prospects of development of STI NUST MISA them. AA Ugarov

At a meeting of the Academic Council of STI NUST "MISA" doctor of economic sciences, professor, First Vice-Rector NUST "MISA" Alevtina Chernikova indicated the main stages of the largest university Oskol and disclosed the direction of its future development.


Status of the university — a vector of development!

Proved fatal for the university in 2008. Presidential Decree on conferring the status of MISA National Research Technical University has defined the vector of its further development. This title was the first university in the country! It confirmed that NUST "MISA" has a strong educational, research and scientific innovation potential. Thus, the new status — it is an objective appreciation of the university, which imposes on him and high responsibility. In addition, the allocation of national research universities will allow the state to invest more targeted resources, including financial, are allocated to the development of education.


WithIntesa science, industry and education

In the same 2008 an agreement was signed between the Government of the Belgorod region, holding "Metalloinvest" and NUST "MISA" establish on the basis of Stary Oskol Technology (NUST branch "MISA"), an innovative research and education cluster. The integration of science, industry and education by developing innovative technology park greatly enhances the quality indicators of the university.


Square Meters

Just five years ago in the possession of the institute was only one school building, and from 35,000 square feet of educational space, which he should have had, there were only available in 6000 sq.m. Now, after the transfer to federal ownership of the second academic building, construction and reconstruction of FLC main building, the institute is fully provided with educational area — about 37,000 square meters.


Blagoustroystvo and communication

Near the bodies Stary Technical Institute conducted extensive work on the landscaping, making it not only beautiful but also functional. In the past year, have renovated the front group, and with the help of the city government managed to replace all the heating system, and most importantly — to lay a new power cable. This is important, because in 2010 the institution of metallurgists gave a magnificent hall, equipped with its powerful and modern equipment for which you want an appropriate power supply. This year will be organized and auto velostoyanki and improvement of the surrounding area will continue.


Scientific and technical support of the educational process

In the last few years have been completely updated the department of natural sciences, metallurgy and metallurgy. We are actively working to further improve the conditions for obtaining a quality education. In general, the development of the park scientific and laboratory equipment, equipping classrooms, infrastructure development, modernization of the computer park and the purchase of necessary software over the years from a variety of sources, has sent more than a hundred million rubles. The lion's share of these funds, 59 million — federal money received under the development program. In addition, another 83 million rubles — the sponsors. First of all — the basic enterprise STI — Oskol Electric Works, the company "Metalloinvest" and Humanitarian Foundation "Generation" Andrei Skoch.


Information provision at an altitude of

In STI — one of the best scientific and technical libraries of the city, in which the fund more than 240,000 books. There is access to the electronic library NUST "MISA", access to the various libraries of the country and subscription dissertation reading room — for graduate students, teachers, young scientists.



Conference room STI NUST "MISA" equipped conferencing and multimedia technology. There are weekly Directorate, which leads from the head of the university rector. Here are scientific and practical conference in remote access for faculty, staff and students.


At the forefront of science

Today STI NUST "MISA" them. AA Ugarov employs a team of professionals, talented scientists. They are constantly working to improve the quality of training, implementing active forms of learning. More than 70% of teachers have advanced degrees and Ph.D., although usually at the branches, like STI, this figure does not exceed 50%. In the last five years, 62 teachers have defended the thesis for the degree of candidate and 7 — the degree of Doctor of Science. And this data at the beginning of 2012, and since then five more people defended their theses! Teachers STI successfully combine teaching and research activities. With increasing each year of the volumes of research. Over the past five years, members of STI received around 200 awards in various competitions. The development of a single unit staff of the faculty has increased from 5 to 75 thousand rubles — this is the result of scientific research, grants, hoztem. In 2012, as planned target was set figure of 100 thousand rubles!


The main building and dormitory

One of the most important projects is the completion of the main building of the university. The works are non-stop, last year metalloinvest sent for this purpose 60 million rubles this — another 50 million rubles. This support gives every reason to be confident that in the coming years the construction will be completed, and classes will be held in a completely new environment. In addition, the Russian Ministry of Educati
on has already worked through the decision to finance dormitories STI NUST "MISA" them. AA Ugarov. Land for it is already selected, designed and is in federal ownership. It is expected that work on the project will begin next year.


The development of sport

In the process of being transferred to federal ownership today is a sports complex institution, built with the support of the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, President of the humanitarian fund "Generation" by Andrei Skoch and head of administration of the urban district of Paul Stary Shishkin. This sports complex — a luxury gift for students, because for decades the institute does not even have its own gym. But that's not all — Andrei Skoch has decided to equip a sports complex with all the necessary sports facilities for volleyball, basketball and mini football. Will be equipped gym and purchased everything you need for the physical training as part of the learning process STI and a modern air-conditioning system in the auditorium.


STI — base for new technologies

Continuing the procedure for joining defense. May 18, 2012 at the Ministry of Education has signed a deed of transfer, and is now being further organizational work. Another project has agreed to stage the documents. It is about creating our base of one of the 29 centers of energy-saving technologies, which the Russian government has decided to organize across Russia. Behind victory in two competitive rounds, now we hope that this project comes to practical implementation. Also, with Metalloinvest worked out the issue of establishing a center for vocational guidance and training of graduates of previous years and specialists. This is quite an expensive project, but it has already allocated money, and this year will begin its implementation.


STI — a cultural and educational center

In the near future, the Department of Social Policy "Metalloinvest" together with the Polytechnic Museum in STI NUST "MISA" project will be implemented unique interactive exhibition and educational complex "The train!". To this must be seven million rubles, and metalloinvest has already assumed an obligation to pay this amount. A interactive class will allow graduates of schools and students ssuzov take the first steps in the mining and metals business and opt for a professional metallurgist or a miner. In addition, the last four years, efforts were made to collect material for the museum, which will be known as "The name in the history of the institute." After all, the STI to work and work a lot of great scientists, these teachers. There are excellent graduate students, a very talented students. The institute has friends who help him develop the material and technical base. All of these people deserve to their memory has been immortalized in the expositions of the future museum.


Thinking about the future — do not forget the past

Currently, we are actively working to create an endowment fund for the non-commercial purpose financing projects along the lines of the European institutions. In parallel, the Alumni Association is created — this project is running over multiple requests from former students of STI.

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