Belogorodskaya Shipyard (Tver region) upgraded

As the press service of the company in a short period from September 2010, the plant has acquired and put into production:
— Two welding rectifier VDM1202 eight guards at their base were made of eight guards, mobile welding units, will improve the quality of welds and significantly reduce energy costs.
— Electro-mechanical guillotine shears production of "Nelidovpressmash" stamp N3121 for cutting metal in addition to the existing elektorgidravlicheskoy guillotine. This has reduced power consumption by using a guillotine lower power with small volumes of metal cutting and processing line to improve the reliability.
— Digital electronic-optical level GEOMAX, which is used to check the geometry of ship hulls and their positions on the stocks.

Purchased a new forklift, load capacity of 5 tonnes instead of physically and morally outdated trucks that exist in the enterprise. This has significantly reduced the time for loading and unloading operations at the plant.

At this point, none of the enterprises complete orders.


On internavigational 2010-2011, ship repair. entered into agreements with such companies as OAO "Tver Port", LLC "Moore Port", LLC "Port Kimri" FSI underwater engineering, rescue and salvage operations on river transport — Branch Podvodrechstroy, LLC "Karina" and raised to the slip ships "Nalchik", "Osipenko", "Oka 70", four barges, floating crane, a total of nine units of different types of vessels. By the end of December 2010 the plant completely finished repairing a barge owned by OAO "Tver port." At the same time being repaired for another three vessels with the degree of readiness of hull works from 20 to 50%.

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