Belotserkovskii Dairy products presented in glass bottles

Belotserkovskii Dairy Plant (BMP), a member of the Group of Companies "TERRA FOOD", the first in Ukraine to milk production in a new compact format glass bottle. The company has once again successfully confirmed its reputation as a leading innovator of domestic dairy industry.

TM range Premialle, which is produced by BMC, added a new format in the glass — a bottle of 340 new compact was the first to have the output format in the glass for individual consumption. Its assortment is kefir, bio-yogurt and fermented baked.

The new packaging is presented primarily for consumers Premialle, which henceforth will be able to enjoy as always fresh and high-quality dairy products where and when it suits them: at home, at work or on the road. According to the Group of Companies "TERRA FOOD" for this offer in the domestic market has a promising niche: selling yogurt, sour milk and organic yogurt in PET format taremalogo 300-400 g range from 10 to 30% of sales in large format 800-1000 g

Products in the new format went on sale in late 2012.

"Development of small-format glass packaging has long been in the plans Bilotserkivskyi dairy plant — said General Director Vadim Chagarovsky BMC. — However, its introduction into the production process required additional investment and equipment. And at the end of 2012 we finally realized his dream. New original glass bottle is unique in the dairy market of Ukraine. "

There is every reason to expect that soon the novelty will receive well-deserved recognition by consumers and experts. Indeed, in 2012 a bottle of 750 ml for the line Premialle was recognized as the best in the category "Packaging for Drinks" national contest "Ukrainian star package", which is held annually in Kyiv within vystavkiPack-Expo.Ekspertnoe jury, consisting of renowned scientists, representatives of industry, artists and designers, marked the appearance, design, and especially — the ease of bottle: careful storage for 750 mL of milk products needed just 305 g glass. The bottle is made on a modern glass factory Vetropak in the village. Hostomel Kiev region.

Recall that in 2008 Belotserkovskii Dairy was the first among domestic manufacturers of dairy products presented in glass, founding the premium segment of the dairy products in Ukraine. In 2013, the plant plans to significantly expand the range of products in glass containers TM Premialle and to please their fans with new tasty and healthy dairy products.

Belotserkovskii Dairy (BMC) — the most advanced in Europe, the company producing a wide range of dairy products, constructed in accordance with the requirements of the International Dairy Federation and the European Union directives. BMC predstavlyaetbiznes-direction "Dairy products" group of companies "TERRA FOOD" — one of the largest vertically-integrated holdingovmyaso molochnoyotrasli Ukraine, which also includes a production site in Russia and develops agricultural area. Founded in 2006, the group of companies "TERRA FOOD" is the leader in sales of butter, spreads and cheeses in Ukraine.

Production capacity FPGA for processing milk is 250 tons per day, for the production of dairy products — 60 200 tonnes per year for the production of soft cheese — 2,880 tons per year. The plant — the only manufacturer of infant formula for cocktails and ice cream company McDonald's in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The company has introduced the HACCP standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, in accordance with which the controlled product quality and safety.

The products of Premialle is made from high quality milk varieties "Extra" (up to 100,000 bacteria per milliliter) of the farms that can create and maintain an appropriate level of all the conditions for the supply of milk high stability. In the range of TM Premialle — milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, sour cream, cream, cottage cheese.


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