Beloyarskii — modern architecture of the North

Beloyarskii — a small town in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District. Population — 20,245 people. Located on the left bank of the river and Kazim was once the land herders, today it is actively growing, mainly due to gas transportation. It built a modern residential and technological public facilities — Ice Palace, Hotel, Children and Youth Centre. However, the pressure on the architecture of the capital in Beloyarsk incomparably weaker than, say, in the same Surgut and Khanty-Mansiysk, and probably that is why it is so distinctive buildings are obtained and vibrant modern architecture.

 Eco-center "Nuvi am" originally conceived as a set of premises for the administration of a unique natural park "Numto", but later an administrative function, it was decided to supplement the museum and create a new building exhibition on the nature of the region, its traditional crafts, culture and way of life of the indigenous population. To solve this problem, architects studio "City Architect" used the principle of combining modern technology and traditional for this region of constructive and artistic techniques.

"Nuvi At" (translated from the language of the Khanty — "White Night") located in the north-western part of Beloyarsk on the new square, closing the prospect of Central Street. There is also the hotel complex "kalta" (also designed by "City Architect"), and two sites flanking the space of the square, which in the future we plan to use for city events and festivals. On the general plan shows that the "Nuvi At" has such an extended amount that actually serves as a bridge between the square and the surrounding streets. The architects have taken into account this feature of urban planning, arranging in one of the facades of the complex covered pedestrian gallery.




The building environmental center is formed by two components: a horizontal prism of triangular cross-section of the prism and split in two truncated cone. "These volumes are the most important message of shape, — says Valery Lukomsky. — Conical volume — is a metaphor for the traditional dwelling peoples edge — the plague. This tent is always divided into two zones — male and female. The prototype of a horizontally lying prism has a long and narrow boat — Oblasov used by indigenous people for fishing and transportation on the numerous rivers and lakes. " As a literal reminder and enhance the overall image of the main entrance to the building architects put one of the first exhibits — a real Oblasov.

Movement cone solved differently. One of them opening onto the rear facade is a dull volume, lined on the outside, as the whole facade of the plane, metal. The second, which organizes the south facade, consists of two volumes: closed, with stairs inside, and open, with a translucent frame structure, which is based on giant poles. The prototype of the latter was a traditional tent, which is always built with the help of long and strong wooden poles. And it is through this half of the cone passes already mentioned pedestrian gallery. The design of the body, covered with banners with ethnic patterns of the North, is used for placement of outdoor exposure.









Buckskin — an indispensable material in the lives of indigenous peoples. With their help, decorated facades of entrance, decorated beams, graphic lines dissecting the smooth metal plane. Another decorative element become narrow slits of windows, symbolizing, according to the architects, numerous large and small rivers, which form the relief Beloyarsk area. Symbolic and insert above the front group — prismatic element of twigs, echoing the shape main volume. As explained by Valery Lukomsky, it is designed to awaken many natural associations: this timber floating on the river when the trunks, branches and twigs floating in a chaotic mess, and it's needles impassable local forests.

Very interesting resolved and triangular ends of the main volume, is a wooden blade with sawed them surround the figure. The symbolic image of the moon in the form of a circular opening at the end of the input group, and at the opposite end of the sun is directly linked with the views of indigenous peoples of the world order, movement of good and evil forces. Tummy these patterns and precisely matched amazingly rusty hue reminiscent of numerous swamps, located on the territory of the region — though an outside observer, does not happen in the North, this association becomes evident only when the architect shows aerial surveys. But the appointment of braided rope clubs, hanging above the main entrance, is very easy to guess — of course, this amulet, so characteristic of the indigenous peoples.











The museum exposition is still forming, so to say, as far as a new cultural facility demand in Beloyarsk too early. However, it is clear that the building of a new environmental center has its attraction. And most importantly, conclusively proved that traditional materials and forms that reflect the features of nature, culture and world region, can be successfully integrated into a modern architectural environment.









 Hotel &Spa "caribou"

Hotel "Caribou", opened in autumn 2011, is located in the main square g.Beloyarsky and is crucial in shaping the built environment of the city. Building height of 44.5 m towers over the main buildings of the city, providing a specific focus, the prospect of closing the axial central streets of the city. In addition to the vertical of the hotel "Caribou" in a complex of buildings that form the area, including building environmental center (museum) "Nuvi-Am," as well as adjacent to the hotel and the area flanking the extended horizontal volumes of buildings, one of which is "Chum-bar" in the other — SPA — salon. In the future we plan to continue the beautification of the area and the surrounding area: The hotel complex and the museum will be surrounded by ethno-park, and on the banks of the river Zatoka Kyzym, which is focused on the northern facade of the hotel will be arranged in a modern boat station. The bulk of the hotel is in terms of a triangle on the two sides of which there are numbers. In the center of the volume — clerestory atrium. From the windows of the 44 rooms offer views of the forest and the river Kyzym. On the main facade handed a glass panoramic lift cylinder volume-oriented city. Shaped component architecture is related to ethno-cultural, domestic and natural features of the life of the peoples of the North. For example, a prototype of a vertical hotel became reindeer with antlers whose profile is read when looking at the side elevations of the building. Hence the name: Caribou — Reindeer. There is the image of a deer and a decorative element, which is located directly opposite the main entrance to the hotel.

























From the hotel window











Another notable building of the city — the Ice Palace.

Little specific city.

Airport Beloyarskoye sufficiently large, spacious.



Along the way, marveled modernization Khrushchev:















Near the "Caribou" restaurant. Freaky view is supported in all new buildings.



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