Berdyuzhskie dairy products from the Tyumen region

 Dairy plant in the village of Berdyuzhe started filling with milk which has been handed people. Currently, the range of products produced at the plant — sour cream, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream, and even dumplings.


— The biggest challenge in 12 years — to break into the market. We did it, so now feel confident themselves — said director of "Milk" Vitaly Bauer. — When starting out, a range of dairy products on store shelves was considerable. But our products are not lost. What's the secret? Always say to employees: "If you put the soul into the work, the products will be high quality and delicious." 
Among the working dairy in the village Berdyuzhe many energetic and hard-working young people. Salary is received from the produce, so they have the motivation and incentive to ensure the production of quality products

Milk is purchased in nine farms Kazan, Ishim, Berdyuzhskogo areas and from local farmers. Previously, the company works closely with the private sector, but in order to achieve a higher quality of milk, had to increase the purchase price and refocus on the economy. 

Dairy plant is equipped with the latest equipment in the shops of the plant every day 20-25 tonnes of processed milk. LLC "Milk" in Berdyuzhe produces five types of milk with different fat content, three types of yogurt, two — cheese, butter in blocks, yogurt, drinking cream and dumplings. Products carry about on their own trucks MAZ in Tyumen, Tobolsk, Kogalim, Nizhnevartovsk, Pyt-Yah, purpe, Kurgan. Only one Tyumen each week privatization zyat 16 tons of dairy products from Berdyuzhe. 
The company supplies the milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, all social objects Berdyuzhskogo district — schools, kindergartens, boarding for the elderly. Production is awarded competitions "The best products and services of Tyumen region", "Tyumen brand."
— When was the director of the joint Hoza, ran into difficulties at the time of milk — shared memories of a former agronomist Vitaly Bauer. — He began to build in the village Staroryamovoy mini-factory. Start small: only three of the workers, then nine, fifteen, now plant employs one hundred people. Bought an old abandoned Berdyuzhsky creamery, restored it and now increasing production. 
According to the head, LLC "Milk" Vitaly Bauer, a shop in the village Staroryamovoy working on, but in a new way. It will be made semi-finished products: dumplings and pancakes with cottage cheese, ravioli, meatballs. It is planned to produce and cheeses. 
With the support of the regional government enterprise buys new equipment, changing the cooling system. This was made possible thanks to the program cost recovery rate of 50 percent. In the long run, benefit from all this Tyumentsev receiving the opportunity to buy and eat tasty and healthy dairy products.

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