Berit storm damaged power supply system in the Leningrad region

PETERSBURG, November 28. In Leningrad wind storm damaged the main power supply. Outages mostly in Kingisepp district.

Currently, maintenance crews JSC "Lenenergo" restore energy settlements violated storm wind.

As emphasized in the organization, not power failure were widespread and affected mainly, Kingisepp district area. The main reason for outages — trees falling on power lines.

All socially important objects at once is powered by a back-up.

As previously reported by "Rosbalt", the wind in the Leningrad region continues to gain momentum. According to the Prevention of SU "St. Petersburg CGMS-R", it increased to 18-23 m / s. Rescuers asked the residents and guests of the Northern capital precautions.

Hurricane in recorded a number of incidents. As "Rosbalt" in Russia's EMERCOM for St. Petersburg, in four locations fell trees. More than ten locations units MOE went to reverse the effects of torn sheets of corrugated iron. Also, do not withstand wind gusts and billboards. At the intersection of Ave Rimsky-Korsakov and street Volodya Ermak falling billboard broken wire. Dismantled billboards in Moscow Avenue in houses № 182 and № 200.

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