Beysugskoe rybohozyaystvo start stocking the Azov Sea juvenile roach and perch

Today in Primorsko-district of Krasnodar region started to produce in large swimming juvenile roach and perch. Results will be released more than 3 billion individuals. Amount of state orders for the execution of works for the production of herbivorous fish fingerlings in ponds Beysugskogo spawning and vyrastnogo Economy (grown to an average weight of more than 15 g) was 1.5 million rubles. Young animals are sent to the Sea of Azov on special channels.

Before that workers Beysugskogo spawning farm located in the village of Brinkovskoy, did a great job. Prepared by the pond and cleared it from weeds, algae and reeds to ensure the access of oxygen to the fish. Take care of the safety of their "wards" fish farmers will and after spawning.

"It will take place on the spawning ponds, spawn, immediately will slide back into the sea, as this sea fish, and we will create the conditions for young fish to a standard sample, and according to the state order, release in the Sea of Azov," — said the director of the FSUE "Beysugskoe spawning and vyrastnoe economy "Igor Dzheus.

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