Bialiatski: Investigators tusuyut articles to make your life easier

Already two months behind bars Franzkevich Alexander and Nicholas Dedok. They were arrested in early September on suspicion of involvement in the explosion at the Russian Embassy in Minsk, but then kept in other criminal cases. All in connection with allegations of assault on the Russian Embassy detained dozens of people.

Guest of the program "Freedom Night" human rights activist Ales Bialiatski is monitoring the situation of detainees.

Znatkevich: Do you have contacts with lawyers of the detainees. Or say a lawyer, on what basis are still kept Franckevica Alexander and Nicholas Dziadok?

Bialiatski: We have a good contact with a lawyer Alexander Franckevica and protection of Nicholas Dziadok doing his relatives, however, we are able to know what is happening in his case.

As to the "mass cleansing" of anarchists, this situation raises many questions — why did it happen before the election and why pavsplyvali some strange cases in which the persecuted members of the anarchist movement in Belarus, as in the This year,, and in the last year.

As for the charges of boys, both of them — and Alexander and Nicholas Franzkevich Dedok — accused of bullying a group of people, this is the article 339 of the Penal Code, Part 2, and for this article, they face up to six years in prison.

Znatkevich: How typical for Belarus situation where a person detained on suspicion alone, then it continues for another term of three days on the other …?

Bialiatski: Even for those political affairs, which we monitor, we can say that it happens often enough. I have the feeling that this article uses tasavanne criminal investigative agencies to make their lives easier, and very often used, for example, is much "harder" article to longer hold a suspect in custody.

In this case, what are accused Franzkevich and Dedok — is committing a number of crimes of vandalism in the last year. And the word you want to take offense at dvuhkosse, since it was the action on the border with gepeningam, a desire to call attention to specific events or social or socio-political character.

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