Biaxplen started production of a new brand of metallized film

Group of companies "Biaxplen" has started large-scale production of a new brand non-oriented polypropylene film — metallized CPP-film "BiaxplenCPP.MM".

According to a press release "BIAKSPLEN", plating unoriented polypropylene films are used in packaging laminates are flexible and are used for packaging products requiring high light shielding and containment. For example, leaf tea packaging, snacks or confectionery industry.

The use of CPP-film allows to combine in a package good barrier properties, high seal strength, puncture resistance, high performance and stable coefficient of sliding on the filling equipment and low moisture permeability.

Until mid-2012, no one Russian producer did not have the complete setup of the necessary equipment for the production of non-oriented polypropylene film. Market needs are met through imports, as well as through the production of a two-stage, when the extrusion and film metallization were carried out by two different companies.

"The market for metallized biaxially oriented films in Russia is about 17 tonnes per year, while the consumption of CPP-metallized films so far remained low — about 2 tons, which was primarily due to limited availability. The presence of "BIAKSPLEN" full production cycle allows you to monitor quality at all stages of the process"- Said the head of the special division of the films" BIAKSPLEN "Alex Chubykin.

Group of companies "Bmaksplen" — the main producer of biaxially oriented films in Russia. Included in JSC "SIBUR Holding".

The production structure "BIAKSPLEN" consists of four plants located in Balachna (Nizhny Novgorod Region), Kursk (Kursk region) Novokuybyshevsk (Samara region), Train (Moscow region). The total capacity of the company for the production of BOPP is 111 thousand tons per year.

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