BiKZ mastered the production of new hot-water boilers

Specialists Bijskogo Boiler Plant developed and introduced a new series of water-tube gas-tight hot-water boilers "FOX", adapted to the requirements and operating conditions of Russian thermal networks.

Hot water boilers for the KB-GM ("FOX") capacity from 0.63 (0.54) to 35.0 (30) MW (Gcal / h) run on gas and fuel oil. Wide size boilers in this series makes it easy to vary the choice of any capacity at the request of the customer. Working pressure of the coolant at the outlet of the boiler — not less than 0.43 (4.3) (kgf / cm2), The maximum temperature of the water leaving the boiler reaches 115 ° C or 150 ° C at a subcooling of water to a boil 30 ° C.

Boilers "FOX" made in gas-tight performance and a horizontal layout. Provides a gas-tight performance of the boiler under overpressure or under vacuum, depending on the type of burner and boiler design. Material elements of pressure chosen in accordance with the calculation of the strength of stationary boilers and steam and hot water RD-10-249-98, agreed with the Russian RTN.  

The new hot-water boilers water tube boiler factory production Bijskogo manufactured to operate on a balanced rod and a supercharged, which provides a higher efficiency due to the lack of air inflows and lower power consumption for own needs (for lack of flue-gas). Instead of lining heavy use light-pipe insulation, which helps to reduce the mass of the boiler and to facilitate its repair work.

The main advantages of the new series of boilers "FOX":

  • high efficiency — not less than 92%;
  • ease of maintenance and operation;
  • high environmental performance;
  • compact size and weight, modern design;
  • boilers as adapted for the Russian market;
  • the possibility of the boiler without exhaust fan;
  • gastight version to run on supercharged;
  • boilers can be installed in modular boilers;
  • The symmetrical design of the boiler ensures optimum distribution of heat stress;
  • heating surfaces made of smooth-walled tubes to reduce the possibility of contamination;
  • effective scheme of boiler insulation;
  • manufacturer's warranty on the boiler 2 years.

Package boilers consists of the following equipment:

  • boiler in the casing and insulation from the front panel under the burning device;
  • shock wave generator (sold under a separate contract);
  • burning device with automation system;
  • inlet manifold — removal of the coolant with flanges;
  • Automatic boiler control and monitoring system (controller, flue gas temperature sensor, and the flow temperature, the thermostat temperature limiting STB, sensor maximum-minimum water pressure, water flow measurement devices and control thermostat.)

In the first half of 2013 experts Bijskogo Boiler Plant (a business unit of the holding of the "TEP-Holding") plan to produce and make delivery to the customer's new hot-water water-tube boilers of the "FOX".

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