Bloggers rebelled children living sculptures at a reception at the governor of St. Petersburg

Rustem Adagamov on his blog reports that the reception on the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, involved 10.9 year olds, who represented there "living sculptures." The press was not allowed to go to the reception, but the blogger published a photo of one of these "sculptures", which, according to him, made the guests of the event.

In particular, N. Belov, head of the Kirov region, one of these images in his Twitter (though without specific reference to the event, but devoted no difficulty to guess what was going on.) For the first few hours that the post had been hanging on the website , he commented on the more than 200 people. According to the resource GloriaMundi, children who were covered with silver paint, frolicking on the lawns.

In addition, also painted in silver children's heads peered skirting little impromptu pool. As explained by the event organizers told the publication, the children were called to symbolically represent the gods of wind.

Representative of the company that organized the reception of the Governor, the theme event called "Reflection" — guests can appreciate how the city is reflected in the Neva. Rabbit was the place where the island. Organization meeting cost the city more than 30 million rubles.

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