BMZ goes to series production open-top cars

Bryansk Engineering Works has completed production of the initial batch of open wagons modes. 12-3090 and started their production.

The company has transferred to the customer, of "HC" KRU "two-thousand wagon, thereby exhausting the limit set obtained in June 2011, a certificate for the production of the initial batch.

 In May 2012, the company's specialists had a qualification test gondola and got the certificate of certification register by the federal railways, allowing expand production. According to the document, BMZ has received the right to issue gondola to June 2014 with no limit to the number.

The largest consumer of Bryansk gondolas — KRU. In his address this year is planned to ship 2,500 units. Last year, they delivered "Uralelectromed" UCHALINSKY GOK, Kazakhstan railways.

The four-purpose wagon model 12-3090, equipped 14th hatches, has a capacity of 69.5 tons, the volume of the body — 88 cubic meters, the load on the axle — 23.5 tons. The design is the possibility of further modernization: the body is designed for axle loads of 25 tonnes. The design feature is the increased gondola top rail, preventing the deformation of the body during loading and unloading. On the gondola installed threadless fittings for connecting pipes braking system kolesosberegayuschie asbestos pad that meets the latest requirements of JSC "Russian Railways" and increases their reliability. Upon request, 12-3090 kolparami can be equipped with wheels of increased hardness.

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