BoAZ will issue the first aluminum in 2013

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Construction sites Boguchansky aluminum plant (BoAZ) inspected by representatives of the executive and legislative branches of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. They inspected the site where the main production units are built Boaz — electrolysis body, foundry energy complex. By all accounts, the launch of the enterprise will be a powerful impetus for the development of a separate territory, Boguchansky district and the Lower Angara region as a whole.  

Representatives of Rusal reported guests that by March 2013 will be fully prepared for the operation of all 67 sites of the first starting complex of the enterprise. Construction and installation work, the company is at the expense of the Loan Agreement, which was concluded between Vneshekonobankom and Management of Construction Enterprise. The credit line amounted to 21.9 billion rubles. The first start-up complex Boaz will produce 147 thousand tons of aluminum per year.

Now the construction of the plant involved more than 30 contractors — is more than 900 professionals. Launched a concrete factory installed temporary power lines built accommodation camp with all necessary infrastructure. In parallel, in Krasnoyarsk-based KraMZ opened section for the production of heavy sets of busbars for the plant under construction. According to the CEO Boguchansky smelter Alexei Kartavtseva, all the work is done strictly in accordance with the schedule. This will be the plant with the most advanced technology of production of aluminum, providing a minimal impact on the environment.

"Our project has concluded Glavgosekpertizy, which noted that the adoption of modern solutions to minimize the negative impact of the new plant on the environment. This is due to several factors. First, due to the optimal selection of the site for the plant, taking into account prevailing winds, regulatory compliance distance from settlements. Second, through the use of high-performance technology at the plant and gas treatment equipment. Specific emissions of fluorides in the new plant will meet the maximum permissible values established by the Commission to the European Parliament OSPAR cells with prebaked anodes, "- said Alexey Kartavtsev.

Preparation of the working staff of the future plant will be organized directly in Boguchany, based Boguchansky vocational schools with subsequent training at SAZ and smelter. Recently, the school has received a license for educational activity for a number of professions that are in demand during the period of construction.

In turn, members noted that the start-up businesses will be an important event not only for the company Rusal, construction of the plant and its workforce of the future. Starting Boaz lawmakers associated with the new stage of socio-economic development of the Lower Angara region.

"The whole district is waiting Boguchansky run the plant. After all, it's jobs and growth. It is important to note that the necessary requirements of environmental safety are observed. Our task, as deputies to monitor compliance with all design decisions, in which the plant will meet the most stringent European standards — said Alexander Simanovskiy, chairman of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Territory on natural resources and the environment.

Supported his colleague Victor Zubarev, Chairman of the Committee of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Territory on industry and on life support, "Everything that concerns Boguchansky aluminum plant is on schedule. It is important that the external circumstances does this schedule is not disrupted. The plant will increase revenue Boguchansky not only the region but also the entire region. Besides attracting skilled labor, the development staff is also undoubtedly contributes to the edge of the eastern territories. "

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