Brain — it is a living time machine

January 5, 2013 21:17

Man, probably more than any other reflects on the nature and the vagaries of time, was the writer HG Wells. In his novels, he posed the question: "What is time?"

And he answered that question the science gives a very vague answer. Physicists say that time — a universal and objective form of existence of matter, inseparable from it. Philosophers add that time — a form consistent change phenomena and states of matter. Yet experience shows that people may be a manifestation of the subjective and "biological" time course of which may differ from the universal physical. This is an individual time sometimes presents inexplicable at first sight, surprises.

Everyone has their time

Recently, it was found that the rate of flow of time depends on age, temperament, health, and even the observer of the room temperature. In my research psychologist P. Mangan of the University of Virginia (USA) set a very visual experience. He broke the subjects into three age groups and asked each of them to click every time, in his opinion, will be 3 minutes. It turned out that most accurately determine the time intervals are people who for 20 years. Of middle age is estimated in the same interval of 3 minutes 16 seconds, and the elderly — in 3 minutes 40 seconds! MANGAN then complicate the experiment by asking subjects to business — sort letters — and then the error in the estimates further increased. Youth began to be wrong by an average of 46 seconds, and the elderly — as much as 1 minute 48 seconds. From what researchers concluded: "The older a person is, the more it overestimates the time elapsed. Because it and it seems that over the years, it still accelerates its pace. "

Continuing research, the psychologist concluded that also need to consider the following factors: fatigue, nervousness, passion something. All of them can significantly distort the perception of the passage of time. In addition, it is also a temperature as the environment and the human body. If a person is ill and his temperature rose, the time for it begins to drag unbearably long. MANGAN even established by experience, how much longer. It turned out, when the temperature in humans increased by 2-3 degrees, minutes interval, it notes an error in 35 seconds. With the decrease in temperature can achieve the opposite effect. If you make a person stand on the frost and cool at the same 2-3 degrees, then after 30 seconds it seems that was a full minute.

Brain — it is a living time machine

So, what happens when a man seems as if time runs very slowly or stopped? Analyzing people talk about their feelings and performing necessary calculations, the researchers came to the conclusion that the course of the individual time can be accelerated to 120-130 times. As a result, all happening around the same times slower compared to the actions of man. That's it and it seems as if time has stopped.

As an example, the stories of soldiers, they survived only because they saw the flying bullets and shells, and had time to take cover. At first glance, this is not possible, as the human eye can not perceive objects moving at such speed. But do not believe the story-tellers can not. After all, often witnessed the soldier suddenly dived to the bottom of the trench, and the next moment a bullet or fragment plowed parapet just at the point where it was just a head.

"It is very typical case of" stopping time "comes from ground-attack pilot Sergei Ivanovich Kolybin in July 1941 — says Moscow esoteric S. Demkin. — Before leaving for his assignment he could not assume that because of this anomaly will be the first time and, apparently, the only driver that survived the ramming ground target.

On the single IL-2 Kolybin had bombed the bridge on Highway which covers two anti-aircraft batteries. Skillfully maneuvering, he broke through the crossing. But at the last minute when coming close to the target gap flak tossed IL. Level the machine pilot did not, and lay bombs miss the target.

The plane was shot down. German soldiers were running on a wide floodplain meadow to the place where, as they expected, he will have to sit down. But Kolybin abruptly turned his attack and sent it to the crossing. What happened in the last moments before the IL-2 crashed into the bridge, he will remember for a lifetime and then repeatedly told about it.

When Kolybin pressed the spokes on my own machine to a steep glide path ran into the middle span of the bridge, the time for it still. He threw his cap car and undid the seatbelts, although he did not know why it does, because the chance of staying alive was not. In an instant attack touched the wing tips of the pavement structure, and Kolybin ejected from the cab. Thrown into the air, he clearly saw some German tank crews jumped from armored hatches turtles. And was at the time on the bridge Marines, by contrast, climbed under them or jump into a river. And all of them were moving extremely slowly, as inanimate. "

One can cite many other examples:

For example, in urban pedestrians often have time to notice the falling icicles and jump aside. The same thing happens in the construction, when a brick falls from the top. And everyone who was about to become a victim, then they say that the subject did not fly on them, and slowly declining, so they quietly stepped aside, not fear.

Cosmonaut Vladimir Aksenov — flight engineer of spacecraft "Soyuz-22" and the spacecraft "Soyuz T-2" in his memoirs, tells the following story. Once he went to the "Moskvich" to his dacha. At the crossing over the railway had suddenly stalled motor. At this point, the bend in 50 meters seemed rushing train. After a second or two, she had run into the "Moskvich". Even if the driver tried to open the door and get out of the car, he still would not have time. Aksenov but did not even try. Instead, he pulled out of the slot, and then again inserted the key and gently pressed the starter. Motor immediately started, and the car slid off the tracks a few meters from trains sped past. Moreover, it seemed to Aksenov, cars floated in front of him in slow motion. He even saw white as chalk, face driver, who did not even have time to start braking, because the car was on the move too close.

A reader sent me a letter in which he described the incredible event that happened to him in Dombay. In conjunction with the friend he was about to cross a fairly steep snow slope. The narrator is moved first, to insure his friend stayed at the edge of snowfields. When he was about halfway, then watched as the snow above and on the sides zazmeilis cracks. Then slowly streamed down huge lump of snow with ice, when in fact it all happens in a split second. The writer felt himself irresistibly drawn down. Then, acting as if he had nowhere to hurry, he began to look out for the frozen piece of snow more, swim by, toss it and move to the next pick. So when he came out on the moraine of the rapidly rushing avalanche, then mate, insure it, could not believe it …

And so on. The stories can go on forever, but it is interesting to know what secrets they hide behind a facade?

All of the above leads us to the fantastically interesting conclusion: the man on the verge of solving the riddle of time management. Maybe he already knows how to do it? .. If you ask this question the traditional teaching, he will answer — no, can not. And if you contact parapsychology hypnologist, hear the affirmative. An acquaintance of this author hypnologist Peter Moshkov told how he had to work with members of the Chechen wars. Heightened perception of reality, much needed in combat, in the civilian world just prevented a normal life. "Not all, — said Peter — can be reconstructed and therefore continue to live in the mode of the front time. But if there is to save people, then there drove to a nervous breakdown, caused alienation of others, former soldiers and officers to corrupt the mind. " Then Moshkov developed psychic training, which he called "a ribbon of time." Mastered it, veterans can adjust the tempo of time — slow down and speed it.

Regarding the methods by which hypnologist created this training, something about it, he said that these are methods of shamans and North American Indians. That's all I know.

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