By Don Roman helmet found

Where did the Don land hat Roman legionary Sidorov said George, in his famous study of esoteric chronological analysis of the development of modern civilization. Volume 1, page 16:
Western civilization in the face of the Roman Empire wanted to capture the resurgent Hyperborean civilization.

The conquest of Eastern Veneto through cultural expansion failed. Powerful military alliance Russ al-Saka, Greek Sarmatians, put an end to this phenomenon. For two months of the war with pro-Western kings, so-called Scythians, eastern Russ aces mastered all the northern Black Sea coast. Their heavy cavalry katafraktariev came to the banks of the Danube together with the Roman legions. And again, in the face of the Rus, now not from the north and from the east, the owners of Western civilization met insurmountable obstacle. Hitherto ignorant of defeat, the Roman army, going Danube, died. And nothing can be done about it. Roman generals in the history of wars with Russ as-Sakas, and could not find the methods against their heavy, clad in an impenetrable armor, cavalry.
Efforts were in vain and the Romans destroy the asses of the south, the famous Parthians. Arriving in the Hellenistic Iran from Turan, and ridding it of Western influence, especially from the Jewish community, the Parthians, as their blood brothers, Russ al-saki on the Danube, defeated one by one all the invading their lands Roman army. Under the blows of the heavy cavalry, in the end I in BC. e. killed legions winner Spartacus Crassus. For the first time in the history of Rome and seventy thousand of his former soldiers became prisoners invincible and mighty Parthian-Roussillon. True, the last of the talented generals, emperors Troyan managed with grief in half to subdue Rome dakov1 related to the Russian people. But the war with the Parthians he again failed. And with the II century AD The Roman Empire, not master of its traditional enemy, was forced to go with him to a long-term peace. Hence the well-known in Russia, "Troyan century."

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