By the Earth move three giant spaceships — theyve crossed the orbit of Pluto

October 12, 2011 22:06

Giant spaceships move to the Earth!  Photo:

Giant spaceships move to the Earth! Photo:

Meeting with the cosmos — a familiarity with the unknown. By supernatural phenomena is the so-called flying saucers and unidentified flying objects (UFOs). From the middle of the twentieth century, these meetings have become so frequent that they could not be ignored. Special services have long been to create secret forms for air defense troops, secret laboratories to organize, which is regarded statistics meetings with UFOs and possibly studied fragments of unknown structures.

 And now science first began to speak on the forbidden topic. But how? .. SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), an independent non-profit organization in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, made a sensational statement: "By the Earth move three giant spaceships. The largest — about the size of 240 km, the other two — a smaller, circular and cylinder. The ships were found on the edge of the solar system, they crossed the orbit of Pluto. Of concern is the fact that three very large objects rapidly approaching the Earth. " Alien ships found NAARD search engine (a program of high-frequency active auroral research) located in Alaska and designed to study the aurora. These objects are believed by SETI, of course, the alien ships. Shown bodies on the celestial sphere. They will be clearly visible to optical telescopes, when you reach the orbit of Mars. The U.S. government has been informed about the event. By the Earth ships arrive in December 2012.
Looking for — and found it. Waited — and waited. What will be the night of the New, in 2012? .. This brings to mind that is surprisingly accurate Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Why such a coincidence? However, the wait is long. Most of all — almost certainly! — Researchers from the SETI cpeshat wishful thinking: fifty years of constant monitoring of space to detect the signals of the outer mind up nothing, patience is running out and so on.
Yet humanity is just beginning to get acquainted with the cosmos. We — new to this vast and unfamiliar world. It is probably best if we are accustomed to the idea that the cosmos has long mastered the civilizations of other planets, it is "another monastery", which with its charter, it is better not to climb. We must accept the rules of someone else's game.
There are rumors of secret finds Americans on the moon. About them at a conference in Beijing, said in 1988 recognized authority Chinese space program Mao Kan. He showed pictures … bare human foot prints in the lunar soil, regolith. Kang Mao accused the Americans of concealing vital information, which he received from a reliable source. Photos were dated August 3, 1969, two weeks after the July 20, 1969 Armstrong and Aldrin took their first steps on the moon. Hence, the materials of the expedition have been viewed by NASA and returning employees are classified.
March 15, 2009 The New York Times launched a new sensation. The same Mao Kan said that it has more than a thousand images of secret NASA, which in addition to images of barefoot feet on the ground … is the human skeleton. Some bones missing. This suggests that the body of a man was thrown out of a UFO, and a part of tissue was left for research. Photos were taken by satellite of the moon. Lack of modern equipment allows air from orbit distinguish very fine details, such as headlines, directly from orbit. The pictures of the skeleton were very clear. What a crime is behind this artifact? Is it time to institute criminal proceedings to aliens?
The former head of photo department Lunar Laboratory NASA Ken Johnston recently revealed that American astronauts "… found and photographed ancient ruins on the Moon artificial and recorded the activity of certain creatures to gravity control." First astronauts on the moon saw "great unknown mechanisms." These data were classified by the U.S. government.
Members of the crew of "Apollo 16" Duke and Young in April 1972, saw the strange objects moving along the mountain slopes. There are records of negotiations astronauts: "Duke, look, they're moving up! I've never seen anything like it! "From the Mission Control Center said," We are too good at seeing two objects! "Famous explorers Henderson believes that all American astronauts have seen UFOs lunar program that constantly accompanied them in flight and on the moon. They had strict orders to keep quiet about it, but part of the pictures leaked out into the open press.
How to interpret the information: as spam or as a fantastic truth? Let us not forget that the giant space ships have crossed the orbit of Pluto. They move to the Earth. Let's remember one more figure: annually in Russia disappear 80 thousand people. It seems that the introduction to Human space started by mutual desire.


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