BZHRK: rebirth

Battle railway missile system (BZHRK) RT-23 UTTH "Good" Photo from 

Russian defense industry conducts development work on the reconstruction of combat rail missile system (BZHRK).

In December 2012 the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces said the adoption of the military-political decision on the establishment of the complex. In the case of the development of such a project is likely that deploy this complex will not. It will all depend on how Russia could agree with the other nuclear powers. The government has approved the creation of BZHRK. Development activities funded corresponding budgets. In the Strategic Rocket Forces were already BZHRK with a solid rocket RT-23, "Good", which could carry 10 warheads. But they were eliminated under the terms of the START-2. BZHRK had high survivability and were more likely to survive after drawing the enemy first strike. The complex was capable of, without revealing themselves to overcome more than one thousand kilometers a day and launch missiles from any destination. The new complex can be armed, "Topol-M" or "Yarsom." Also on today preserved terrestrial infrastructure BZHRK.

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