Came out of the situation

The mass prayer on the pavement authorities did not, however, ask for permission force.

Now for the street religious activities may require a permit. On the Ministry of Justice of Russia has published a bill on the rules of their agreement with the government. According to the document, worship and other religious rites and ceremonies can now easily be performed only in appropriate buildings owned by these religious organizations, as well as their related land.

Dmitry Smirnov, Fr: "Nothing like this grazing human dignity is not here. Well, actually, if there is no warning enough people, then of course it is better to warn about it and agree. Well before the problem was solved. And always made known. I think that there is no difficulty will not. "

As religious rites, may not be consistent, but only if carried out in places of pilgrimage, in cemeteries or in a residential area. In all other cases, they will be equal to the rally and march. Yes, it should be noted that the framers of the law really tried and it seems that the truth will be very strict, since all events, regardless, their focus should now be required to coordinate with local authorities. And surely these pictures really remain in the past.

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