Capital threatens malaria epidemic

Capital threatens malaria epidemicROSPOTREBNADZOR Moscow has sounded the alarm: in the city at any time could be an outbreak of malaria. Disinsection reservoirs, which in recent years has been literally "on the clock", unexpectedly failed.
— Most of the city's water bodies (70%) populated by mosquito larvae. This allows you to assess the situation at the moment as potentially dangerous for malaria — expressed fears Elena Tanygina, Senior Specialist — Expert of the supervision of dangerous infections and sanitary protection of the territory Rospotrebnadzor Moscow. — Carriers we have, and there are cases of importation. If nothing will change, sooner or later, expect outbreaks.
Why did the system failed? How to find out "Vecherka" before money is allocated prefecture and contract the dezorganizatsiyami. Since last year, responsible for processing them to our balance holder reservoirs. Finally someone is not enough to disinfect tools, some just do not realize that it must be done regularly.
Thus, in the Central District of the 28 reservoirs are treated, 12 in the North-East of 57 — 40, in the South of 88 — only 27.
Leader in a bad statistics northwest. It registered in Rospotrebnadzor 70 reservoirs, and contracts for the processing is only 7 (!).
In the south-east of the capital malaria prevention conducted too late, and 26 reservoirs had malaria vectors breed. To the south-west and in Zelenograd treatment ceased on 1 July, as the expired contract.
— We have more than 20 years was adjusted work on all bodies of water. So the last 3 years there have been no cases of local malaria. Importation of infection were: in 2009 — 35 cases, in 2010 — 39, for 6 months in 2011 — 12. Now there is no local cases, and all relaxed — complains expert. — But the number of mosquitoes is increasing rapidly, especially since the summer is hot! Every week we send requests to the Department of Housing, the Moscow government, promises are fed, and things are there.
In past years, Muscovites have suffered greatly from the "basement" of mosquitoes. They do not carry malaria, but blood and nerves, especially the first floor tenants can spoil. According to Dr. Elena Vinogradova Biology, lead researcher of the Zoological Institute, in 1977, in the capital there were 740 "disadvantaged" basements. Now the situation is quite different.
— Sanitary condition improved basements, flooding them almost no complaints from the residents of the unit, — says Elena. — Last year, we surveyed 913 basements, with flooding basements was 97, and only 14 of them were found mosquito larvae. This is a small number for such metropolis like Moscow.
— Recreation areas, brushed spring, summer with stunning speed overgrown dirt. Do not have time to look back, as in the pond is plastic bottles with plastic bags compete, who wins. Rubbish is somehow related to blood-suckers? — I speak for a bizarre suggestion.
— Very bound! — No doubt Elena Tanygina. — This is an additional risk factor. After the malaria mosquito needs a so-called "line of quay" — mosquito larvae breathe atmospheric air, and need for something to hold — for algae or trash. So, it turns out, we and promote mosquito breeding.
By the way
     Why are some people for mosquitoes "tasty" and others do not is still uncertain, but the fact that mosquitoes have their "gourmet" preferences, nobody doubts. Pesky vampires attracts perfume and cologne. A strong smell of sweat acts as a kind of repellent, and repel insects. It is known that mosquito females equally attractive odors Limburg cheese and sweaty feet. 
     From 2005 to the first half of 2011 in the Moscow region were registered 94 cases of malaria. While in 2005 more than half of the cases were local transmission, in 2009, 2010 and 2011. all imported: from Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Angola, India, Liberia, Ghana, Tanzania.
Mosquitoes with horse flies and rodents may be involved in the transmission of other dangerous disease — tularemia. In 2005, the suburbs were 166 cases of infection, and in 2010 — only 3. Traveling to Astrakhan, Volgograd, Rostov and Voronezh regions should be aware that there is a mosquito bite can lead to infection of West Nile virus.
     Help "VM"
     — Normal diet consists of mosquitoes from flower nectar, but the females to lay eggs need plenty of protein, which they get from the blood of warm-blooded mammals.
— When the victim komariha focused on carbon dioxide exhaled by a person (detection range — up to 12 meters), the thermal radiation, motion, and the smell of lactic acid in sweat.
— Before you suck blood, the female enters his victim a substance that prevents blood clot. This substance causes itching, swelling, redness.
— The female mosquito lives up to three weeks. During this time, she is able to defer more than 500 eggs.
     There are 3,000 species of mosquitoes in the world. 100 of them are found in Russia. 
     Researchers at the University of Arizona decided to fight mosquitoes with genetic engineering. Preparation of new generation will cause mosquitoes "indigestion."
Biting man who took this drug, the mosquito would condemn himself to death at the next bite.
Currently, researchers are searching for genes unique to mosquitoes, action on which will not have any effect on humans.
     Recipes from Grandma 
     Instead of chemical repellents bloodsuckers scare smell tomato leaves, fresh walnut leaves, flowers, basil, cherry, elderberry twigs, wheat grass, star anise, cloves, valerian, eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, geranium, mint, cedar oil. Essential oil can lubricate the exposed areas of the body or a drop on a hot surface.
To remove the itch from the bite, enough to dissolve a tablespoon of salt or baking soda in a glass of warm water, and soaked in this solution wool grease bites. Helps relieve itching and citrus juice, garlic, onion, parsley leaves and plantain.
     Authoritative opinion
Eugene ZUEV, MD allergist-immunologist Institute of Immunology:
     — In 10% of the reaction to mosquito bites above normal. Norm can be considered as redness after a mosquito bite in diameter not exceeding 5 mm, itching and swelling are up to 12 hours, and redness — within days.
In general, the worst of insect allergy in humans cause bees. Their venom is anaphylactic shock, which can lead to death.
Anaphylactic shock from a mosquito bite is not seen, but swelling up to 10-15 cm in diameter is. First Aid — antihistamines and creams, ointments, emulsions, swelling, itching, and pain.

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