Chapter enterprises suspected of buying a used anchor for the Admiral Kuznetsov

Chapter enterprises suspected of buying a used anchor for the "Admiral Kuznetsov"

Military prosecutors suspected the general director of OOO "Neva Anchor"Valentine's Ponomariov in buying fake Dutch anchor for Russian aircraft carrier" Admiral Kuznetsov ". At the moment, addressed the issue of a criminal case under article "fraud on a large scale".

According Prosecutor General's Office, Ponomarev bought from one of the Dutch companies used an anchor for 1 million rubles, which is four times less than the acquisition of the amounts of the Ministry of Defense. "Then he did a fake certificate, and struck at anchor fabrications room, "- said in a statement posted Wednesday on the website Prosecutor General's Office Russia. Despite the discrepancy Tipo new anchor size and mass indicated in the certificate, as the distinction rooms and corrosion, it was put on the aircraft carrier, the report said.

Military prosecutors Northern Fleet previously checked the implementation of legislation "at the disposal of economical funds allocated for the purchase of military equipment." It was found that Ponomarev according to the agreement signed with JSC "Center of ship repair" asterisk "," had to provide anchor for languid aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov", the price of more than 4 million.

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