Charitable Trust MMK marked medal of the European scientific and industrial chamber

Charitable Foundation "Metallurg", working with the financial support of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine, was awarded a diploma and a medal of the European Scientific and Industrial Chamber and has been praised by the regional Social Forum.

Regional Social Forum "in support of the family and children" took place in Chelyabinsk under the auspices of the government and the Legislative Assembly, the Public Council for the Family and Children at the regional ministry of social relations and the federal project "strong family" capital fund to support children in difficult situations . More than 450 participants representing governments, civil society, socially oriented non-profit organizations, academic and business sectors in the region. Among them was the Magnitogorsk City Charitable Foundation "Metallurg", presenting the case for hearing on the implementation of welfare programs aimed at improving the quality of life for families and children, and the exposition "The interaction of government, business and community organizations." The forum praised the work of "Metallurg".

A few days ago came the news about another victory fund. European Science and Commerce, working in Russia and the CIS countries under the joint program, signed by the Presidents of Russia and the EU, said its European quality and diplomas awarded by the European gold medal.


In addition, this year Magnitogorsk city charity fund "Metallurg" presented at the Tenth Regional competition of social achievements, "The Changing World", organized by the Legislative Assembly, the Government and the Public Chamber of the Chelyabinsk region, in addition to the permanent new social programs and projects implemented in 2012 "The Magical World of theater", "Hockey — Children," "Equal Opportunities".

The implementation of these projects carried out jointly with JSC "MMK" hockey club "Metallurg", puppets and theater actor, "Pinocchio". According to the decision of the competition committee Fund was the winner in the category "Charity non-profit organizations" and was awarded the diploma of the winner and a memorable — this is the third award for participating in the competition. The award ceremony was led by Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk Region Vladimir Myakush and his deputy Dmitry Meshkov, who is also the chairman of the committee of the Legislative Assembly on Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship. From the fund, "Metallurg" award was given to the Deputy Director Irina Stepanova.
The Foundation expresses its sincere gratitude to the management of city-forming enterprise in the face of Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "MMK" Victor Rashnikova, general director of the plant Boris Dubrovsky, head of Magnitogorsk Eugene Teftelevu and other leaders of enterprises and organizations, with the support of which the "Metallurg" performs charitable programs aimed at improving the quality life of the residents of the city and the surrounding rural areas.

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