Chechnya cleared fighting psychics Russian Army?

November 24, 2011 13:01


Part of the experiments with hypnosis and psychics in the Soviet Union, was broadcast on the public. But there were secret laboratories, investigating paranormal Photo: ITAR-TASS

Armed with the power of thought.
It is no secret that in our country, and overseas military for decades studied various unconventional weapons that can bring a smile to the skeptics. Say, a weapon was considered hypnosis.

Part of the experiments with hypnosis and psychics in the Soviet Union, was broadcast on the public. But there were secret laboratories, investigating the paranormal.

 Studied a variety of its forms — from the hypnotic effects on manpower before the introduction of trans their scouts, so that they could "see" the position of the enemy. Engaged in so-called defense hypnosis both military and civilians — with the only difference being that some supervised the Ministry of Defence, and the other — the Academy of Sciences.

Hypnosis is used not only to defeat the rival humans, it tried to use to make contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. In the Soviet Union, such experiments have begun in 1946, in the United States — in 1947. In similar experiments by Nazi Germany began a decade earlier — in 1935. To date, such experiments have turned in Russia and overseas, at least officially. However, the activity of parapsychologists fighting continued until recently. It is possible that is now, just not as much.

Abnormal phenomena in the Ministry of Defense engaged since the mid-40's, and during the Brezhnev such studies have been providing a lot of money — tens of millions of rubles annually. Researchers deliberately divided: some of them were classified and worked entirely on the defense industry, subject to the relevant ministry, and the other task was to bring under study convincing scientific basis. These scientists deliberately cemented USSR and gave them the opportunity to virtually unrestricted travel abroad, in those years, in general, can not afford not every academic. By anomaly in those days absented and contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, and unidentified phenomena of nature, and the unexplored possibilities of man — all this was done is not some frivolous Crank, and quite sane professors, academicians and generals.

One of the most prominent figures of the academic study of anomalous phenomena was Natalia spondylitis, USSR Academy of Sciences. Today it is known primarily for its scientific studies on the human brain. In fact, was the largest mozgovedom spondylitis in our country — in 1990, she headed the Centre "brain" of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR — and one of the three or four such high-level specialists in the world. And, despite the abundance of conservative papers and international recognition, spondylitis his whole life has been staunch supporter and perhaps, the ascetic study of various anomalous phenomena. In a biographical note about this brief write — "has been criticized for tolerating mysticism and improperly posed experiments to test psychic abilities." In fact, everything was much more dramatic.

Experiments with human brain spondylitis were still in the early 40's. Oddly enough, but it was Stalin who first national public figures supported the study of the "beyond" in the academic science. After his death, was a long lull: Khrushchev "anomalschinu" did not favor, treating it and its researchers, to say the least, skeptical. In the early 60's Behterevoj "turned" her ambiguous experiments with extrasensory and suspended award documents for the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner — last Behterevoj be awarded only in 1975, although the idea it was dated 1963.

But under Brezhnev Natalya Behterevoj new opportunities. First it was an experiment to establish the surface relief in the distance — "Medium" was injected into a trance, and he began to "see" the bends of the earth's surface for hundreds of kilometers from the experiment. In 1989-1992, similar experiments were repeated by soldiers from the military unit 10003, which will be discussed below. It should be added that the two series of experiments were successful and "Medium" — both civilian and military — had never made a serious promashek. Actually, if the General Staff was so impressed by what he saw, that created an entire military unit, however, initially with a small number of employees — there were only 10 people. But the chief of this part from the beginning was the general's — only a dozen experts have equated to two battalions of infantry!

But back to the experiences of spondylitis. Nine years ago, she co-authored with his students publish the "work of her life" — in the journal "Human Physiology," published an article "On the so-called phenomenon of direct vision." It it was conducted on the possibility of an "alternative view", where in order to see something at a distance, a person does not need eyes.

The experiments were conducted in such a way that the possibility of a primitive spying was completely excluded, it has established a special commission, which tried to catch Bekhterev indulging adherents of pseudoscience. , Entranced in a special way people saw the mineral deposits at any depth, can count the exact number of vehicles in a particular area of the world ocean and accurately indicates the places where they could be buried ancient treasures. Before you publish an article, spondylitis, said: "This phenomenon seriously tested by us — so that we can recommend it for use in the national economy and defense," and suggested that President Vladimir Putin introduced method of teaching "alternative vision" in the security services.

What is said Academician president is unknown. But "experiments Behterevoj" is still used, and special services, and the military. It is true that mere mortals to know what kind of experiences as possible. Secret.

On experiments Behterevoj Colonel Alexei Savin was posted in the mid 80's — this knowledge helped him soon become a general. Savin was interested in extrasensory and who had access to classified documents, gathered a group of psychics who have successfully conducted a search of the missing ships and planes, as if they were able to avoid the crash, was treated at a distance of seriously wounded soldiers and officers. All these people have served in the military in various ranks and the least resembled sorcerers and fortune-tellers.

Chief of General Staff Gen. Mikhail Moiseyev was so impressed with how experts Savina "cleared" two minefields (a real laid bombs!) That at the end of the experiment immediately signed a decree on the formation of a new combat units, as it was jokingly called, "platoon psychics." And the "nymphs" just something with his hands over the reins maps — and exactly where the mines were buried. Interesting fact: one and a half years after the creation of the, almost to the August coup, the salary Savin and his subordinates personally accrued Finance Minister Valentin Pavlov, was very interested in unusual experiences.

After the coup Savina subordinates to work hard in Chechnya. What they were doing, in addition to what you were looking for hidden minefields militants and set the location of their command posts, hard to say. But this work has been recognized so successful that in 1997, reformed the military unit in special administration, and Savin was promoted to lieutenant general. Manage 10,003 stopped work in 2003, just after President Putin honored Natalya Bekhterev long conversation. Soon after, spondylitis said about the end of their psychic experiments, announcing that it "came threshold" and it de knows that her experiences have people continue.

This led to say that "the project 10003" came to a different level of secrecy — higher. By the way, General Savin never confirmed nor denied that he established military unit continues to operate successfully so far. It would be strange if a successful project at once closed by 2003 to work with the administration were involved in a secret order of hundreds of academic institutions and research institutes. The last "open" development of psychics in uniform methodology was destroying enemy combat vehicles in the distance — destroyed electronic "brains" of combat units. As jokes Savin, "in fact the power of thought."

Savina wards were not only applied extrasensory, destroying strengthen militants and finding minefields. There was an army of 10,003 and another name — Center for UFO technology. The general said Savin, the main diversion of his subordinates was "undermining faith in the reality of the UFO" — it was a perfect guarantee of secrecy research.

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"Storm of consciousness" from "loud case"


According to the CIA, but in 1975 in the Soviet Union for research in the field of parapsychology spent about 70 million rubles. Reading and transmission of thoughts, telekinesis, programming people an alternative vision, clairvoyance — could pass intelligence studies of these and other paranormal and phenomena? Security officers, come into contact with the press and early fall of classified information. Why? Then it became impossible to conceal the situation gets out of control and technology sprawl.
"… It will still be pseudoscience, do not recognize the reality of the existence of those facts. But as long as it is used by special services, who are you to recognize the whole thing, "- says the modern psycho-technology and paranormal abilities of man KGB Major General, former deputy head of the Security Service of the Russian President Georgi Rogozin.
"When announce anything pseudoscience, a method of controlling people's minds. Just limit them to the knowledge of the right or left, and it takes constant "- says Maina Polyachenko, researcher of the Central Research Laboratory of Psychophysiology and correction at the KGB.
Today, security services are an obstacle to the Research in psy-source technologies and their uncontrolled use. Closing theme from society threatens the ecology of the living environment, mental, spiritual and physical health of each individual and the nation as a whole, and thus the security of the state.
Maina told Polyachenko (Fellow of the Central Research Laboratory of Psychophysiology and correction at the KGB), a leading expert of the anonymous and paleonauk paleotehnology YPA National Security Academy of Russia, Leonid Karetnikov (expert IPO Academy of National Security of Russia), Boris Ratnikov (KGB Major General former Deputy Chief of), George Rogozin (KGB Major General, former deputy chief of the Presidential Security Service of Russia), Alexander Shepovalnikov (professor, senior researcher at the Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry. Sechenov Academy of Sciences), Svyatoslav Medvedev (member of RAS, Director of the Institute of Human Brain), Natalia spondylitis (of RAS and RAMS, scientific director of the Institute of Human Brain of RAS), Vladimir Bronnikov (psychic), Victor Pashkevich (Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences), Alexander Levit (psychic), Illaria Freiman ( psychic), Vladimir Pugachev (PhD) and Irina Freiman (MD, professor).

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