Chelyabinsk continues to shake the shock of unknown


The meteorite fell 15.02.2013 Kamensk-Uralsk and Chelyabinsk


Complaints about the tremors in Chelyabinsk not cease, in fact, they are increasing — in particular, on Saturday was the peak of appeals this week: 145 out of 196.

At the same time, from 15 to 21 October at the aftershocks of 39 complained of Chelyabinsk. All in all, this year was recorded 531 treatment and in October there were 373. The information was head of the city department of civil protection Alexandra Popatenko.

All information management reports to the working group, the military prosecutor's office and the interaction with the military

Recall, October 19 military promised to reduce by nearly one-third of daily exploding shells on the ground near Chebarkul. However, apparently, this measure proved ineffective. Moreover, the military has been suggested that the Chelyabinsk shakes not because Chebarkulsky site.


The meteorite fell 15.02.2013 Kamensk-Uralsk and Chelyabinsk


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