Chemtrails over us

Chemtrails — spraying toxic aerosols — essentially a military operation, which involves civil airliners. Term himtreyl formed English words: shemical-chemical and trail, -sled/hvost. The traces left by aircraft in the sky aerosol spray "clouds" which hang in the atmosphere from a few tens of minutes to several hours.

Spraying himtreylov recorded from mid zero years in the U.S. and most of Europe. In 2010, there were facts about himtreylah over the territory of Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

The legend, which goes under the spray, as follows: Pocket "scholars" claim that by spraying of metals in the atmosphere they prevent "global warming." The patent for the "prevention of warming" by spraying aluminum, which limits the impact of solar radiation in the atmosphere, obtained by a U.S. military-industrial company in 1990.

First aerosols containing toxic barium compounds were tested in 1998. The composition of aerosols include: aluminum (main component), barium, and "a little bit" of strontium. The presence of these metals in aerosols deposited on the ground and dissolved in the air, supported by dozens of laboratory studies. Metallic spray hangs in the atmosphere, "smeared" with a thin layer, and then slowly and evenly deposited on land and water. At regular spraying aerosol concentrations of aluminum, barium and strontium in the soil begins to exceed the permissible limits in the tens of thousands. The human body perceives this as carcinogens that cause Alzheimer's disease, respiratory problems (cough, asthma, etc.), autism in newborns, Neurology. Strontium destroys hematopoietic system and accumulating mainly in the human bones, leads to cancer pathology.

In the U.S., research into the effects of toxic aerosols on people stick to singles at your own risk, as all governmental organizations, who are supposed to do this because of their official duties, are sabotaging the research in this area and appropriate information to the public.

Chronic poisoning with aluminum-barium-strontium destroying flora and fauna:
plants die from poisoning by aluminum and changes in acidity of the soil (soil becomes alkaline), many of the animals are killed. Pollution of the planet will lead to irreversible ecological disaster, mutations and loss of plant and animal life, and, consequently, to the mass extinction of people from starvation.

Publications appeared in which the authors assert that the real reason for aerosol spray transfer of agriculture in the world's genetically modified seeds that are resistant to the effects of aluminum and able to survive in alkaline soils. When the alkalinity of the soil exceeds a certain level, ordinary plants die, conventional seeds cease to sprout, then Monsanto and other mega-companies will bring to market its "miracle seeds" resistant aluminum and alkaline soils, and the world's population will fall from the worst dependence on international mafia — in dependence of food. This will enable the Mafia to monopolize the market of food, taking into their own hands seed trade and agricultural land.

The appearance himtreylov over Russia coincided with information on individuals buying grain-producing lands in the south of Russia. Spraying and land acquisition may be the links of the chain to transfer agricultural genetically modified seeds that are resistant to aluminum, and monopolization of the Russian and world food market of the international financial mafia.

According to the former head of the U.S. FBI Ted Henderson some chemicals sprayed on a regular basis throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, and in some northern European countries. (12 January 2011). He explored the location of large aircraft such as "bomber" who committed spraying (Nebraska — Lincoln, and the territory of National Defence). According to T.Gendersona, spraying — the massacre by toxic assets should be classified as genocide, stopped and punished. His admiration and condemnation is the behavior of pilots carrying out this operation, as well as the silence of members of Congress.

Spraying toxic aerosols — essentially a military operation, which involves civil airliners. In an interview with one of the former leaders of the operation of AS Griffith (AC Griffith), published May 14, 2007, said that the program was organized at Air Force Base Wright-Patterson (Wright-Patterson Airforce Base), located near the city of Dayton (Dayton), Ohio. Supervised the operation the U.S. Central Intelligence

Another anonymous witness, who works in the management of one of the U.S. airlines said that the U.S. government, through its intelligence to realize the project under the name "leaf clover» (Project Cloverleaf). Its essence is to make maximum use of cargo and passenger aircraft for commercial airlines to increase the volume of spraying toxic aerosols.

Operation spraying toxic aerosols is the most secretive, most secret ever undertaken similar operations. AS Griffith said in an interview: "This is a very secret, this is the secret of the thing that I have ever met. People who talk about it, died. "

Employee of the airline confirmed in a letter: "Employees of several airlines, which were devoted to the project cloverleaf, all passed through enforces, and before we were connected to the project, have been forced to sign an agreement on non-proliferation of information, which in the case of disclosure of secrets threaten arrest. The staff argued that the chemicals are not harmful, and that not enough military aircraft to perform this Extremely urgent program. Therefore, the project cloverleaf was passed in order to allow commercial airlines to help it to spray these chemicals in the atmosphere. Airlines received an additional fee for special spraying chemicals from commercial aircraft. "



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