Christina Shatsikava again judged

Today, the trial of Grodno Mogilev activist Christine Shatsikava. She is accused of distributing and manufacturing of periodical publications.

At the beginning of the process Christina Shatsikava made a motion of no confidence in the judge on the grounds that she was not informed about the process. She learned about it from friends, who called as witnesses. The request was not granted.

Read out by the protocol, it became clear that it is accused of spreading in a shop Grodno printed booklets that, on the conclusion of any employee by the name of ideological Sukhorukov, considered periodical.

In fact, this is the usual booklets on gender issues with the title: "What is considered a women's protest?", "Revelation and the invention of women", etc. They were shown in court.

During interrogation, the policeman, who was taking Shatsikava from the store and was a report, it was revealed that she had come to the store in 10 minutes after, as a store manager called the police on the panic button, because the store pictures of unidentified girls and handing out leaflets.

The judge refused to Christina Shatsikava expertise in advertising booklets, but granted the motion to summon ideologue Sukhorukov, based on the findings of which it has condemned.

Also hemmed to the point that I took part in unsanctioned rallies, and the fact that I second cousin Zavadsky.

An interesting discovery made Christina Shatsikava when acquainted with the police report. She is convinced that the case is a political one, and the agenda she received no coincidence, therefore, that it would simply quick to condemn without her presence.

Shatsikava"I also learned that in Polotsk me twice already condemned, I have two fines: 1,400,000, and the second — 480000. But I still do not know. Also hemmed to the point that I took part in unsanctioned rallies, and the fact that I Zavadsky second cousin. "

At present the process of human rights activist Roman Yurhel, participated in on the side of Christina Shatsikava as a public defender.

Yurhel"This case is made by order of the competent authorities, and even in the hall of Hrodna KGB officer present. And during the questioning of a police officer, we learned that the police department on duty was ordered to draw up a protocol on administrative violation is at Christine Shatsikava. "

Continuation of the trial — 10 November.


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