Close to the heart. Monitoring the health of Don athletes will be tougher

In the Rostov school sports facility doctors found abnormalities of the heart, sudden death syndrome, one of the young rowers. The young man promptly dropped out of school and encouraged him to leave the sport. Thus Rostov doctors saved a guy from a possible tragedy. [Img =] One of these days the competition Kudo died in Kemerovo 16-year-old Artyom Korotkov from Novosibirsk. The tragedy repeated itself still remember the sudden death 19-year-old rising star of Russian, and perhaps the world hockey Alexei Cherepanov, who died from a sudden cardiac arrest. [Cut] [b] It is later [/ b] Recent events have forced sports officials and doctors pay more attention to the health of athletes. — Check the players will like the astronauts! — Promises director of the medical center Continental Hockey League Nikolai intoxication. — Began a thorough health check-up players. Treatment and Rehabilitation Center Roszdrav now passes through a hockey team of 16 to 20 years old, college sports school clubs KHL. And it is absolutely out of all Russian regions. Sports physicians to study modern equipment athlete's heart from any angle and angle. For every athlete opened files with personal code, database. Only the in-depth health checks athlete can receive medical passport League. By the way, 67 of the surveyed players have three had found heart disease. In recent years, the capital of the Don has been successfully operating a regional center for regenerative medicine and rehabilitation number 1 (Former health). Thorough medical examination of athletes and coaches here by the best specialists of the South of Russia, Doctor of Science. In the center of Rostov none of the doctors would not allow for training and performances of "problem" athlete. The council of physicians, despite any requests, sometimes even parents interested in the speedy growth of the child star, usually gives a negative verdict. Its own medical service is and the Rostov Regional school of Olympic reserve, where young talents to raise serious sport. Only vitamins? However, not all athletes satisfied medical control of their health. For example, the Beijing Olympic champion foil fencer Rostov Svetlana Boyko believes that sports medicine is low. — Diagnosis and screening of athletes are not carried out properly. This applies to both the preparatory period and competitively. We are left to fend for themselves, — says Svetlana. — I'm not going to talk about the situation in other sports, but in fencing there is no monitoring of the health of athletes, to see how the body can withstand high loads and overloads. We get some banal vitamins. And, according to Boyko, if there have been changes in Rostov for the better, in Moscow, even the Russian team has received little attention from sports physicians. Captain of the football, "Rostov" Michael Osinov indicate serious physical exertion players. — From January to November, continuous training, workshops, games. Although in "Chicago," the health team members carefully monitored by doctors, and the medical center regularly check the heart. But by chance no one is immune. In Israel, where I was in 1990, for six weeks, one after another died due to heart problems two players twin. [B] Comments [/ b] Sergei Hodyrev, chief medical center for regenerative medicine and rehabilitation number 1 of the Rostov region, Honored Doctor of Russia, Doctor of Medical Sciences: — In three offices, sports medicine and rehabilitation for children and adults, conducted in-depth medical examination over 28,000 Don athletes. Are under the supervision of representatives of Russia's national teams, high school sports skills, students school of Olympic reserve, as well as 19 young athletes sports school, sports clubs Rostov in age from 4 to 18 years. If necessary, the athletes will be supported in a day or day and night hospital.

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