Coastal missile complex Club-M — the best in the world

First Russian mobile coastal missile system (PBRK) "Club-M" was presented to the public at the International Maritime Defense Show in 2006, where he immediately attracted the attention of many countries. In its combat power he has no analogues in the world, and the ability to strike, as on ships and on shore targets makes PBRK "Club-M" and does a unique missile system, which was soon can line up all of the buyers from all over the world.


High power PBRK combat "Club M" due to the fact that unlike other similar installations in its arsenal than four missiles, and as many as six. And they can be run as a one shot, and one by one. Thanks to this one given missile system capable of destroying an entire group of enemy ships, as well as his arsenal is enough to kill the two, even the most modern aircraft carriers.

For starts at surface targets in PBRK "Club-M" used advanced Russian cruise missiles 3M-54KE and 3M-54KE1, and to destroy coastal targets 3M-14KE. Due to the fact that these missiles are flying on an unpredictable trajectory and at a very low altitude (20-30 meters), they are virtually impossible to detect radar, and thus bring down. "Class =" bb-url "">
All this makes PBRK "Club-M" a real gift for the countries with a long maritime border, not even having a strong navy, countries can protect themselves by adopting some of these missile systems.

Speaking specifically about Russia, according to estimates for the full protection of our borders enough about a hundred installations PBRK "Club-M". Accurate information of how many data missiles are armed with the Russian army, at the moment there is no likely they can be counted on one hand.

The most amazing thing is that it seems that the Ministry of Defence and does not show any interest to PBRK "Club-M", at least, no official statement on their acquisition was not. And it's really strange, because for a country with such a vast and extensive sea border this complex is badly needed, but apparently the officials of the Ministry of Defense and a different opinion to them is much more important seems the introduction of a new form of Yudashkin and the purchase of helicopter carriers from France.

But the representatives of many other countries in a very different opinion. Great attention to the "Club-M" comes from such countries as the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia and some other countries. Seeing this, the developer of the complex concern "Agate" is increasingly relies precisely on the foreign market and the chances that the world's best coastal missile system will protect the borders of Russia, shrinking with each passing day.

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