Collect the spilled oil on the spot w / a crash in Chuvashia continues

Rescue workers continue to collect razlivshegosyana 50 square meters of fuel oil in Shumerlinskii Chuvashia region, where the railway accident derailed 13 cars, reported the Russian Emergencies Ministry republican government.

Previously, agencies reported that rescuers finish cleaning the accident mazutav on Sunday, but a visiting committee of Gorky Railway JSC "Russian Railways" agreed to continue to work on Monday.

"A meeting of the visiting committee of Gorky Railway JSC" Russian Railways ", devoted to the planning of measures to eliminate the consequences of the stretch-Shumerlya Vurnary that took place on January 25. Following a meeting on Monday decided to continue to collect the remnants of the spilled oil and clearing the area adjacent to the railroad ways, from the spilled coal and rock, "- said in a statement.

Collecting fuel and transport it to the landfill for disposal by specialists "Russian Union of rescuers" from Ulyanovsk. According GUMCHS Chuvashia, Sunday in the works on the site of emergency was attended by 42 people and 15 vehicles.

"By evening, rescue teams were taken to the emergency room at the disposal of 85 tons of oil contaminated soil. According to experts, today is still collect about 45 tons", — stated in the release.

Tangential collision of a freight train and snow composition occurred on Friday at the Gorky Railway in Shumerlinskii district Chuvashia.

The accident derailed 13 cars, of which nine product coal, one tank of fuel oil and three cars of Winter Road. In total, 71 car freight train. Fuel oil that was in the tank, spread out on an area of 50 square meters. Damage the bearing lines. Victims and victims. On Saturday, the train traffic in both directions has been restored.

According to the JSC "Russian Railways", the reason for the vanishing train at the Gorky Railway became kink side frame trolley car.

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