Commander of the Armed Forces of Indonesia made a flight from the Russian Federation on the provided fighter

Commander of the Armed Forces of Indonesia flew in a fighter jet delivered from RussiaWho took office a week back-in-Chief Indonesia Admiral Agus Suhartono (Agus Suhartono) made the flight of the Russian Federation on the provided the Su-30MK2, reported on Thursday a national news agency Antara.

The new commander in chief, accompanied by the Commander of the Army Indonesia General George Toisutty (George Toisutta) and the Commander of the Air Force of this country Marshal Imam Sufaat (Imam Sufaat) flew in for an hour on Wednesday over West Java at low and medium altitudes, performing various maneuvers, said the official dealer of the Indonesian Air Force Bambang Samudra ( Bambang Samoedro).

Management of the armed forces followed the example of the Minister of Defence Indonesia Purnomo Yusgiantoro, flying the Su 10 days back, in the process held at Air Force Base Indonesia "Sultan Hasanuddin" in the province of South Sulawesi handover ceremony last 3 Su supplied by Russia under an agreement in 2007.

In 2003, Indonesia purchased in Russia four combat aircraft, and in August 2007, the parties entered into a contract for delivery of another six Su. Three Su-30MK2 Russian production has been officially handed over to the Indonesian side 2 February 2009, and the last of the 3 Su-27SKM was brought to Indonesia on September 16.

"It seems to me that this plane very good for us in order to protect the sovereignty Indonesia. And we will strengthen this squadron — at the expense of Su, who will arrive in the future, "- RIA Announcements Yusgiantoro said after the flight of the Su.

In turn, Imam Sufaat during the handover ceremony announced his intention to increment the number of such aircraft to only squadron of the Whole — 16 compared with 10 today.

The new commander in chief of the armed forces Indonesia was born in Blitar (East Java Province) August 25, 1955 and ended in 1978, the Academy of the Navy. Previously, he served as commander of the Navy Battle Group Vstochnogo Indonesia, assistant planning and operational assistant commander of the Navy, and later commanded the Western Fleet. Since 2009, Agus Suhartono served as commander of the naval forces of Indonesia.

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